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  • Anytime someone tells you that they had no other choice only means that they didn’t consider any other choice.

  • Great confidence, linked with ignorance, often results in what was once assumed impossible.

  • One of the best things about long-lasting relationships is the end of needing to figure out what the other is up to.

  • Those that are incapable of doing something original are the ones most predisposed to criticizing those that do.

  • Anyone that says “I’d rather die before I do that” has got the order all wrong.

  • If beauty is exclusively in the eye of the beholder, how can any art critic be taken seriously when anointing one work as superior to another? Individuals should become critics of the critics or else permit tastes to be shoved down their throats by “experts”.

  • A true friend pats you on the back instead of stabbing.

  • Glory comes like a fireworks display, brief and spectacular, and impossible to fully capture to memory.

  • Others will not follow mere dreamers, but they will follow dreamers that are determined to achieve their dreams and act like they intend to do so.

  • Though generally in short-supply, I’ve never heard anyone wish that they had more common-sense.

  • There are those that seem to have as their life’s purpose, the manufacture of bugaboos to frighten others so that they will follow them through the perils that they claim lie ahead. Genetic engineering holds enormous promise for mankind’s benefit, but will continue to be held back only because there will never exist a guarantee against future adversity. Using the same standard, if the fatalities that accompanied the development of the automobile had been known at the beginning, without a doubt the automobile would only exist today in science fiction.

  • Not even our death will stop our critics. It, therefore, is unwise to use this method to escape critics as they will follow us into our graves.

  • One should pay attention to any words received in anger, for they may be the truest words ever received.


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