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  • Complacency about the loss of a single liberty is like wading into the Amazon River knowing that a piranha eats very little.

  • Happiness is one's most preferred sustainable mental state.

  • Humans, as well as other animals, are moved by various forms of fear and desire. Only man is capable of being moved by love in the total absence of all other emotions.

  • Imprisoned in our minds behind bars of fear, resides mankind's ultimate freedom.

  • One of the happier states of our existence is when we finally find ourselves neither giving nor desiring approval.

  • Lust is to romantic love, as hunger is to sustaining life. Clearly, both can be done to great excess and with complete disregard as to the sources of satisfactions and to their health consequences.

  • It is clear that the love of money isn’t the root of all evils; rather it is our fears that are the roots of most evils. Those evils, not borne of fears, are probably the result of desires that entail committing an evil in the pursuit of extinguishing one’s cravings.

  • If anyone is regarded as superior because they show a particular capability that exceeds all others, then perhaps everyone is superior.

  • Discovering one's self while immersed in one's culture is like a salmon swimming up a waterfall. Few will succeed while many more will fail.

  • A rational thought requires no passion. It is the irrational thought that requires the strongest passion in order to imprison that thought as a truth.

  • Considering all the time that has been, and is yet to be, the difference in the life-span of a human and an ant are barely distinguishable.

  • As we grow older, hiding something so that no one else can find it means that it’s lost to us forever.

  • Humility would be much more popular if we could just find a way to flaunt it.

  • We seem so obsessed with comfort that it might eventually become difficult to tell the difference between living and when the soft blanket of time is pulled over our heads.

  • It is easy to overlook the mistakes of others unless they start defending their mistakes as rational choices. These mistakes are seldom forgotten as they indicate the presence of irrationality and not just a mistake.

  • Our increasing tendency to not be responsible for what we do and to blame others is like claiming that the teacher failed by not asking the right questions on our tests.

  • Through much of life we are really just chasing shadows without our ever realizing that it was the source of light and something of substance that did all of the casting.

  • We would be far more willing to ask for things were it not for the uneasy feeling that any refusal by the other party might indicate our own worthlessness.

  • Almost all guilt, except jury verdicts, is the result of not understanding the nature of necessary and sufficient causes, because most of what we feel guilt for is the result of innumerable “necessary causes”, any one of which if absent, would have resulted in the particular act not occurring. That is why they are called necessary causes. As such, all necessary causes bear some degree of implied guilt. It is rare when we commit an act with the intention of producing harm; even if we did act, with the intention to produce harm, it would seem like such intent would have been “sufficient” to have caused the act. But, further examination would reveal that every intention, that seems like a sufficient cause, had itself innumerable” necessary causes”. Any thorough examination will show that guilt is a product of our ignorance and the teachings of a culture that wants to control negative human behavior.

  • It is likely that the winners of the rat race will feel even rattier than those that lose. Perhaps that’s why they won.

  • Were we persuaded to take the life of one that is certain to rob us, divide us from the ones we most love, and deprive us of most of our lives, then we would be persuaded to commit suicide.

  • Most of mankind’s progress is made by those that fear the possible progress of their enemies.

  • It is poor advice to do all of the things that you are afraid of doing, as this would shortly result in death or maiming; one should however look with suspicion on any fear that doesn’t have predictable physical harm as a consequence as being probably worth ignoring.

  • As mankind “advances” we need to ask ourselves about “survival of the fittest” concepts and ask “fittest for what?”

  • Happiness is impossible while dwelling on a real or imaginary wrong done against us by others. There can be no better reason to let such things pass in to the long forgotten past.

  • The fact that honesty pays isn’t an adequate reason for honesty for many in today’s world, as the payoff for honesty is long delayed but the desire is immediate.


  • It is easy to not lie if one doesn’t fear the truth.

  • It is easy to not steal if one doesn’t fear need.

  • It is easy to not envy if one doesn’t fear that one’s status is threatened.

  • It is easy to not anger if not fearing others.

  • It is easy to not be open-minded if one fears knowledge.

  • It is easy to not kill if one doesn’t fear that a life is threatened.

  • It is easy to not be creative if one fears criticism.

  • It is easy to not be prejudiced if not fearing the differences of others.

  • It is easy to not trust if one fears the mal-intent of others.

  • It is easy to not have hope if one fears continued failure.

  • It is easy to see that most of the evils of life come from our fears

  • It is easy to see that if we stopped responding to most of our fears, that most of life's evils would no longer be.


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