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  • The conspirators that we should most fear are those that have taken up residence in our own minds.

  • Holding on to dogmas is like being in coffin because it seems safe and comfortable. Abandoning a dogma creates peril and discomfort in much the same way that birth does to a newborn. The choice for each of us is whether to remain in the coffin or to be reborn.

  • If living were just a game named "Life", only then would the questions of fairness and unfairness be applicable.

  • We should all wonder how different we’d be today if the events of our pasts were as exactly as we remember them.

  • Knowing something by faith is like eating a cake by reading its recipe.

  • Total self-sufficiency is a goal that we should hope remains only an aspiration and not an actuality.

  • Mankind’s most prevalent delusions are that we are without delusions and that we are always objective.

  • Those that believe that a man’s mind functions exactly like a woman’s might also believe that a Yellow Spanish onion and a White Bermuda onion are the same. Difference does not imply superiority, only variance.

  • Certainty about things is the "master poisoner" of understanding.

  • Imagine: a world where those with blond hair disliked others only because of their red hair: a world where those with black hair disliked others only because of their brown hair, a world where everyone disliked others if their hair was a different color than their own; then you’ll be imagining a world like ours, where some individuals, with the same degree of rationality, dislike others only because of their different skin color.

  • If we ever discover what reality is and stare at it too long, it will probably be like staring at the sun too long. We can easily become blinded to the existence of that which is spiritual within each of us by focusing only on the physical world.


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