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  • Nothing shows our smallness of character more than to claim credit for something that is done by others, or to blame others for what we have done.

  • Appealing to authority kidnaps our reason and buries the responsibility for our thoughts and acts.

  • Those that must get trust by commanding "Trust me" have just demonstrated their inability to earn it.

  • The loudness of the zealots for social change is roughly proportional to the costs that others will be required bear.

  • One thing that most obscures our communicating, is when we express a feeling as if it were a thought.

  • To further punish those in need, just help them become more dependent on others.

  • Ubiquitous conspiracy is appealing to those that need a reason to explain their own failings.

  • Beware of the reputations of others. Reputations are only labels that can correctly or falsely identify the contents of the containers upon which they are attached.

  • Nothing can be true merely because an authority has said it. It can only be true if that person has accurately described it.

  • We are as likely to see freedom derived from governments as we are to see sons derived from eunuchs. It cannot be given that which is not possessed; and governments possess no freedoms, only the power to take it from their citizens.

  • In order to be elected, politicians have perfected the skill of manufacturing villains which they then claim only they can save us from. In this way, politicians try to make us the victims of their own ambitions.

  • Why does any government concern itself with what goes on in the mind of any of its citizens? Censorship indicates that governments do; but isnít this only a thinly disguised attempt to impose standards of taste?

  • For the powerful to willingly yield power to the weak, would be like the oceans emptying back into the rivers.


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