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  • Many of the devout act as if their particular religion were a voting booth, placed there to elect the "Real God".

  • Only God can know if what we do is for love of Him; or if what we do is for reward in Heaven, or for fear of punishment in Hell.

  • Perhaps the only "sin" is in our violation of solemn commitments made to God.

  • As the oak would become an elm, so do many believe that intense believing will cause an untruth to become a truth.

  • We may only be attributing mankind's vanity to God by assuming that He wants our praise.

  • Fear and hate are like two uninvited guests into one's soul, which if allowed to remain, will eventually claim victory by consuming their host.

  • The "Theory of Evolution" is rejected by many, because "evolution" is only a theory. Is "gravity" also rejected by the same people because it is called "The Theory of Gravity"? What is theoretical is how evolution functions, not if it exists.

  • For many seeking God, it may be best to go directly to the Source, rather than to the "middlemen" that repackage Him.

  • God's existence wouldn't be any more likely if all humanity were believers. God's existence wouldn't be any less likely if all humans were atheists.

  • Dogma demands an entrance fee of irrationality, wrapped in naiveté.

  • As one would not read a book by the match that lights the candle, so would one not seek God only by the theology that ignites the desire to find Him.

  • Guilt is the regurgitation of a poison from one's soul.

  • Zealots of all religions seem to have one thing in common; that God's Word for one people at one time, means those Words should be imposed on all people for all time.

  • Intolerance is only an echo, resounding through the ancient caverns of ignorance.

  • If we must defend ourselves before "The Final Judge", the only truthful plea we can enter is "recurrent temporary insanity".

  • Since scientists and intellectuals profess to understand only a miniscule amount of what is knowable, why do so many scientists and intellectuals scoff at other's beliefs only because they're not understood?


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