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  • Those that talk aloud to themselves should first let those within earshot know that they should ignore everything that is to be said.

  • Often someone says, "cheer up, things could have been worse." There would be more logical grounds for cheer if one had said, "things couldn’t get worse."

  • Being abused verbally is painful. Being abused with silence is excruciating.

  • It is better to use crutches than self-pity.

  • One of the most certain ways to lose the esteem of others is to gossip and slander another.

  • Overwhelming problems can often be divided into many small problems and then eliminated singly until all gone.

  • Some things can be improved so well and so often that they will never work again.

  • It is always tasteless to disparage the tastes of others.

  • Planning is only a mind-game unless acted upon.

  • If one were so masochistic as to want to create personal unhappiness for oneself, there probably would be no surer way than to develop unrealistic expectations.

  • To work only for wages is slavery of a different sort.

  • Life should be lived like a snowplow, always pushing aside impediments while constantly moving forward.

  • No matter how hard we may try, we will never turn two half-wits into one whole wit.

  • Live your life in such a way that you can have compassion for those looking down on you.

  • Marrying another only because of their appearance is about as smart as buying a car without looking under the hood to see if it has a working motor.

  • In killing time, we give it motive to reciprocate.

  • The best place to start on the path to success is wherever you are now.

  • It is strange how we don’t feel lost when we are in a group when everyone is lost; however when we aren’t lost but alone, we feel lost only because we are alone.

  • To establish expectations of life and of others is to create an emotional minefield and then to walk through it blindfolded.

  • Unrequited love is common; unrequited hate isn’t.

  • If everyone rises to their own level of incompetence, then when a wise person realizes, on reaching this level, he should ask to be demoted.

  • We only censor that for which we fear.

  • In many ways whatever we hold to be true was arrived at in much the same way that we choose a winner in a swimsuit contest-on the basis of appearance only.

  • How much better the world would be if we never accused and therefore never had anything to forgive.

  • It Is more enriching to look at life as a very long experiment than as a very long script to be followed.

  • It is always a disappointment to find that after giving a gift that the recipient felt so obligated that they reciprocated immediately.

  • Many will assume that they are on their own path when it is the negative image of most other’s; however one’s own path bears no similarity to other’s, but only to the unique way found deep within each of us.

  • Our fears act like an electric fence that confines us with a crowd sharing the same fears, even though we all suspect that the discomfort of the fence will be a small price to pay for the freedom lying just on the other side; yet most will still hesitate throughout life to become free.

  • Trying to “think outside of the box” is like trying to think outside of life, as all of our life is the box. To think otherwise is a delusion of being something other than what we are. All we can do is enlarge the box.

  • Most fear sprouts from within and attaches to that which is without. Because of this, ignoring the “without” destroys that which is growing within.

  • Any age can become a “Dark Age”; all that is required is that most shut their eyes to the rays of enlightenment.

  • Each hatred is a dagger that we first test on ourselves.


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