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  • It takes a long time to get the knack of being what we are.

  • In strip mining, the top layer, which is called the overburden, must be slowly removed to reveal the valuable resource that lies buried; in very much the same way, each of us must slowly remove the overburden, that our culture has placed over us, if we are to ever mine the valuable resource within.

  • Pursuing happiness doesn’t require swiftness of foot but introspection of mind.

  • The strong and the weak as well as the smart and the stupid will all be swept away, leaving only those most able to adjust to change, for in the end, adaptability will be recognized as one’s greatest strength.

  • It is obvious that maladies and blessings are not and never will be, evenly distributed, but to dwell upon one’s deficiencies only adds another malady to one’s many woes.

  • When carrying a candle in the darkness, it tends to blind when held in front, but held to the side it illuminates the way without blinding. In very much the same way, if we hold our accomplishments before us, we become blinded as to what is ahead, but when putting our accomplishments aside, they add confidence to what we are about to do.

  • We can busy ourselves by scurrying all over the world; we can buy endless things, be they big or small, and yet for all of the scurrying and all of the buying, what we were looking for and what we wanted to possess was within each of us all of the time, but we just never knew it was so until almost too late.

  • Because of science, mankind’s abilities increase exponentially while mankind’s wisdom to employ those abilities moves forward with glacial vigor.

  • Happiness can be pursued directly but seldom attained by doing so. Happiness is a path of life that we sense from time to time in our blindness as we cross its path. When we sense these moments we need to examine what is occurring within us as well as what is going on about us. Only by doing this repeatedly can our winding paths get closer and closer to the path of our happiness until our wandering becomes an approximation of the path that we need to follow.

  • Many make up for their lack of thoughts by an abundance of words.

  • Constructive criticism is like mustard, benefiting, but only if taken with something else that is already liked.

  • As a prism will separate light into its various components, the trials of life will separate one’s character into its various components.

  • Mankind will always be torn between the two propositions as which is the greater value- an enormous population with poor quality of life, or a much smaller population with a very high quality of life.

  • In atomic reactions, we are all familiar with how reactions tend to advance towards uncontrollable results; humans are very much like atomic reactions when it comes to the way fears tend to spread among people towards uncontrollable and unintended consequences.

  • If we were not mostly alike within, advertising would cease to exist.

  • The test of time is one that we all flunk.

  • We shouldn’t shrink because of tomorrow’s uncertainties, because the uncertainties makes each new day like a new book yet to be read.

  • A man that was once proud will find difficulty following another.

  • You can learn a lot and know little. You can know a lot and learn little.

  • A thousand truths can never erase a single lie.

  • As we wouldn’t put our money into others’ bank accounts, so we shouldn’t put our approval into the possession of others.

  • In a strange sense, our Earth is like a cell made for our solitary confinements that can not set us free to live elsewhere.

  • Most often, the weak are meek, and the strong wrong.

  • The world would be better if man had more will-power, and less power to will.

  • A complimentary word to a stranger is put away and treasured forever.

  • Most of the things we feel rushed about will soon be shown to be urgent insignificances.

  • If we would allow it, the reign of knowledge would wash away all prejudices.

  • If only our lives were as an hourglass, we could just start again by standing on our heads.

  • Self-deception always waits in ambush just waiting for a sign of doubt about what we believe ourselves to be.

  • More harm probably originates from boredom than from ill-intent.

  • "Getting into hot water" is often what happens when we get "cold feet".

  • If worries were proportional to dangers, there would be much less insomnia.


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Page 21 of  161

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