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  • Fortune opens two doors to freedom- the freedom to self-realization and the freedom to self-destruction.

  • To go into debt, in order to do something to impress others, is like painting a home instead of treating its termites.

  • The person who donates to others on the misbegotten belief that somehow such acts will be rewarded by greater wealth hasn’t made a donation but an investment.

  • One way to get a coconut is by felling the tree; one way to have no coconuts is by felling trees.

  • The Democratic Party likes to regard itself as progressive, yet it perpetuates the antiquated myth that wealth is only distributable and not creatable. If the former, one becomes enriched at the expense of another; if the latter, innovators are enriched primarily and others secondarily as those creations become available, and the jobs to produce those creations are created for those needing employment.

  • To disregard debt as a danger is like a sailor ignoring shoals.

  • Many will become base because of their plenty.

  • Investors need to be aware of corporate managers that are compensated for short-term corporate gains, as this tends to cause inattention to long-term gains, and very often promotes long-term liabilities. Later, after the corporate managers have received gains from their option plans, they abandon ship, thus requiring someone else to come in and attempt salvage.

  • It is as difficult to detect, with our eyes and ears, the trustworthiness of another as it is to see the difference between solid gold and gold-plate.

  • At one time it was believed that if a better mousetrap were invented, the world would beat a path to the inventor’s door; this is not true today; if a better mousetrap were invented today, the inventor would also need a better infomercial for late night TV. .

  • It is very common to find that the more a family earns, the greater their debt. Expenditures don’t just rise to meet income; they tend to rise to meet wants..

  • Many make the mistake of assuming that because there is unhappiness in the absence of money, that there will be happiness in its presence; money may only relieve unhappiness, not create happiness. This is like a drowning man that is struggling to get to the surface to breathe. Once at the surface, he can breathe but still be far from land and safety.

  • The “Spend-littles” and the “Spend-alls” become the “Haves” and the “Haves-nots”.

  • Debt is a parasite that tries to take as much as possible without causing its host to die.

  • Paranoia in business will be helpful in succeeding because it is certain that there are others doing their best to see that they succeed at your expense. This is where paranoia isn’t a mental illness but a necessity.


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