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  • It is unwise to believe that one can do anything chosen, but wise to try anyway.

  • Many regard verifiable facts as mere theory while regarding ancient myths as eternal truths.

  • The ultimate of human existence may be in the experiencing of beauty, not as an occasional sunset, and occasional flower, an occasional song, or an occasional anything; rather that ultimate existence is in discovering beauty in every sensation, every experience, and in every moment of existence.

  • The value of wisdom that is saved to be passed on to the next generation is like starter yeast that is saved to make another loaf another day.

  • Honor is not the same as reputation. Unlike reputation, oneís honor doesnít exist in the minds of others but in oneís own mind, arising from acting honestly and with goodwill when nobody would have know should one have acted oppositely.

  • The cancer of vanity often metastasizes to consume the individuality of its victim while leaving the body pleasing to the eyes of others.

  • Perhaps we can have anything in life if we want it hard enough to work towards it; but, it is certain that we canít have everything in life, no matter how hard we work towards them.

  • When those that attained success start believing that they succeeded on their own, they need to remember that there were thousands of variables along the way that one could neither control nor influence in the most minor way, but which were critical to that resulting success.

  • It may be that "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." But it is also true that many reap without ever sowing and during draughts what is sowed is often never reaped.

  • If some are prone to believe that behind every great man there is a great woman. Do those same people accept that behind every failed man that there is also a woman?

  • Wonder tends to open the doors to enlightenment while certainty of beliefs tends to open the doors to the stagnation of our greater understanding.

  • One of the essentials that is seldom recognized in sustaining life is hope.

  • Beliefs should be held only in proportion to the supporting verifiable evidence. Beliefs should immediately be suspect if even the smallest amount of conflicting verifiable evidence is discovered.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 21 of  131

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