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  • Voters shouldn’t be surprised that politicians promise more than they deliver, because if they didn’t do this, they wouldn’t have been delivered into office.

  • Often when plowshares are forged into swords, the swords are later forged into chains.

  • When our president weasels out by saying: "It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is, we have to wonder if his integrity is totally lacking. But of course that all depends on what the meaning of “integrity” is.

  • We can measure much of an opponent’s strength by the size of its armed forces, but there is no way to measure its will to win, a factor that may be just as important as is size.

  • It seems perfectly reasonable that if we’re going to pay farmers to not raise crops, that we ought to pay bank robbers to not rob banks.

  • It is the unthinkable that should command our most intense thinking; because those that would undo us specialize in the unthinkable.

  • It would be a great blessing if all nations could be ruled by women; but it would be a great catastrophe if only half were

  • We can never exit the quandary of knowing that violence is mankind’s greatest evil, yet at the same time knowing that unilateral avoidance of violence invites the certain oppression by those not similarly enlightened.

  • National boundaries don’t come into being because they enhance life; they come into being because of some kind of fear of others. Without this fear, national boundaries would vanish.

  • It seems to be in our nature to prefer spending a thousand dollars to do battle with another than to spend one hundred dollars helping that same person.

  • The less discipline a people apply to themselves, the greater will become the outcry for government to discipline more.

  • If it is true:”That what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” then we need to remember the same is also true of our enemies.

  • One of the problems of evaluating the performance of any elected official is that we can’t do a study to discover what the effect would have been had his opponent been elected. Because of this, we are left to speculate forever on what might have been.

  • When thought becomes too difficult, it’s time to bring out the guns.


  • Since slavery is now prohibited in America, it is safe to assume that I own me, but do I?

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be permitted to do whatever I want with me as long as whatever I do harms no one else? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be the one to say what I’m worth to me? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we have separation of church and state, shouldn’t our laws avoid dictating religious beliefs? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we deem it cruel to let an animal suffer when it in agony and has no hope of recovery, shouldn’t a human be allowed equal protection from cruelty? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If by any standard that is used to determine mental competency, I’m deemed mentally competent, shouldn’t I be allowed to decide about my continued existence? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • The tyranny of theologies, once implemented into our laws, has throughout history, and probably will throughout the foreseeable future, weigh down on mankind’s existence with outrages such as this. At this time a person must suffer unbearably and without any hope of recovery, because of theological beliefs that have corrupted some of our laws; laws that bear no relationship to mankind’s humanity to his fellow humans.


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