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  • If you want to become an expert, choose a field in which there are the fewest facts. But, this is also where one finds the greatest number of "experts".

  • Theologians make Heaven seem either terminally boring or like a perpetual first dose of heroin.

  • It would have to be a step forward if we stopped thinking that God wanted our worship and praise, and we substituted our love and thankfulness for the wonders that He has bestowed.

  • Most prayers seem to be based on the theory that God can’t remember our last prayer.

  • If the Creationists demand that schools should teach their version of creation, then shouldn’t the Native Americans also insist that their very different theories of creation also be taught?

  • If Jesus is to be the ideal of Christian behavior, why do most branches of Christianity surround themselves with symbols of wealth when Jesus sought none?

  • The Muslim terrorists are no more terrorizing than were the Christian Crusaders that brought even greater destruction to the Muslims of long ago. If we say we understand the latter, shouldn’t we try to understand the former? Both are and were grotesque distortions of the beliefs that each religion professes.

  • Truths make no demands upon faith; however faith often demands that truth remains silent.

  • The religious beliefs of some may have been adopted wholesale by professing membership in a system of beliefs as to a manner of worship, or may have been forged individually to fit one’s own abilities to believe. Neither should war with the other without impoverishing the whole.

  • The variety of religious opinion today and throughout history is probably attributable to the fact that there are no verifiable facts.

  • The world is populated with hypocrites that profess a belief in God but make Him irrelevant to daily life.

  • The fact that something seems to have always been believed, is not a reason to continue that belief one day longer, and may actually be the soundest reason to doubt that belief.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 21 of  67

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