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  • If a tall building didn’t compromise with the wind, the building would become short.

  • Those that “seize the day” need to have a plan as to what to do with it afterwards.

  • There are those that are so egocentric as to think that the chicken laid the egg just for them.

  • It is wise for those that want to make the world a better place, to start with something smaller.

  • Confession may do one’s heart good but treat one’s future poorly.

  • Many, that regard Martin Luther King as one of our greatest leaders, pursue policies exactly opposite from his and then wonder why strife between the races continues.

  • We respond as though mankind’s differences were critical and ignore the many more similarities as though they were nothing.

  • Beliefs die out just the same way that species do when neither adapts to the demands of the present as well as do newer species and beliefs.

  • In persuading another, their desire for gain is much greater than their desire for reason.

  • The “punctuation marks” of history usually are wars, and not the benevolent acts of mankind. This indicates a great need for history to invent a new kind of grammar.

  • There are those that seem to believe that the logic of their argument is proportional to loudness of their voice.

  • The fact that con-men go wherever mankind goes is no more a sign of their affection for us than is the fact that rats do also.

  • The great heap of yesterdays is the mound that we stand upon today in order to reach for our tomorrows.

  • There should be little doubt that a sport-fanatic would be willing to kill for his team in order to become victorious, especially if that victim were a fan of the other team.

  • Death seems like only a vague theory until experiencing the loss of a close loved one.


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Page 21 of  101

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