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  • Pity the braggart because he knows himself to be less than he appears.

  • Great unrestricted power should only be granted posthumously.

  • Giving excuses for what weíve done serves no more useful purpose than the polishing of the bottom of shoes.

  • Anticipations can function like a siphon that constantly depletes pleasure from our future.

  • Whenever reality is discovered, one should get a grip on it and never let go.

  • Failure doesnít arise from the fall, but from requiring that others provide the lift.

  • Choosing the path of least resistance usually means going downhill.

  • Nothing so motivates a tyrant than to concede him a small victory in order to avoid a small pain.

  • Until understanding a problem, the wise withhold solutions.

  • To venture afar, one must relinquish the present.

  • Why encourage your enemies by disclosing your misery?

  • Each person, each family, and each act, is an experiment in the inventing of tomorrow.

  • If we start reducing our attributes to suit others, it will be but a short time until we will be impossible to find.

  • We can never combat a bear with our backsides.

  • Asking about the thoughts of another isnít an intrusion; rather it is an affirmation that their thoughts are valued.

  • Life, like a baseball game, can sometimes be won by taking a walk instead of hitting the ball.

  • It is difficult to solve lifeís problems on our knees.

  • To be accurate in communications, describe accurately that which is to be communicated, using only words that relate to things that have a verifiable existence.

  • Those that have used crutches all of their lives will be unable to walk without crutches; those that threaten their removal may as well threaten to remove their legs.

  • If you want others to remember you for the rest of their lives, just show them contempt.

  • Progress requires that there be change; change requires that there be problems; therefore, those that experience no problems are guaranteed to experience no progress.

  • If God gave us life, then God gave us our talents; It is doubtful that if we return to God with unused talents, that He will take lightly our rejection of what He gave us.

  • The greater the self-doubt, the greater is the compulsion to be proven right.

  • To train ourselves to do anything, we should always insist on paying for our shortfalls and never permit another to remedy a situation no matter how much easier it would be to allow so.

  • Those that are prone to being irritated, will, in the absence of the usual irritations, increase their sensitivities enough to become irritated by even more trivial causes.

  • We need to always be aware of the influence that one day has on the next, for in a sense each of us is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow.

  • Of course things are always found in the last place we look, because only a fool would continue looking after finding; in much the same way, things always seem to end badly because as long as theyíre not bad, we donít end them.

  • We tend to make sense of everything even if itís nonsense.

  • Never bargain with your fears, because in the end the fears will win.

  • It is a misbegotten belief that because we can influence the future that we therefore can determine it.

  • One of lifeís seldom taught lessons is how to receive a gift graciously without feeling obligated to reciprocate, but yet retaining a need to remember.

  • The intoxication of success can lead to as many errors in judgment as with alcohol; the only difference is that the errors are different.

  • It is impossible to have oneís full measure of happiness while being concerned as to what others may think.


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