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  • As we sail through life, if we focus on our wake we will miss the favorable winds.

  • In shedding our fears, we will discover nobility undetected before.

  • In every way, we should become masters over our circumstances, for if not, the circumstances are sure to become masters over us.

  • It is the wisest among us that discovers no other purpose in life than what that person put there.

  • We are compelled to dwell in a universe of uncertainty; those that seek certainty seek to live in fantasy; all that can be done is to reduce uncertainty, not eliminate it. Uncertainty is reality; it is certainty that is unreal.

  • If you ever discover yourself, steal it from the culture and keep it safe.

  • There is much knowledge that is useful throughout life, but one of the most important things to know is to know that we do not know.

  • It is interesting that in a time of plenty that oneís highest values tends towards those things that canít be proven to exist; in a time of scarcity, oneís highest values tend to be those things which one is certain of existing.

  • If one wants to be great, then one should think great thoughts about great things; if one wants to be mean, then one should think mean thoughts about mean things; if one wants to be petty, then one should think petty thoughts about petty things, for we become that on which our thoughts dwell.

  • If we were all perfectly consistent, weíd all still be in cribs and diapers.

  • The best among us will come primarily from those that are unafraid of failing.

  • Our emotional wellbeing is directly related to the fears that gnaw inside of us, and nothing is more conducive to the growth of fears than is our ignorance. Humans tend to fear that which they donít know, and the antidote for not knowing is knowledge.

  • It is easy to become bored with anything if we just think of everything as being composed of only two things,- the known and the unknown.

  • Much of what we desire we should fear, as the moth is drawn to the flame that burns its wings.

  • We would be happier if we didnít look at life as a series of rewards and punishments, but looked at life as only a series of effects resulting from what preceded.

  • Looked at as effects, we are more able to act to produce the effects that we prefer rather thanmerely being recipients from the unknowable for acts that are often not recallable.

  • Being content with possessions is an obvious requirement for happiness yet all about us, and on each and every day, comes endless seductions designed to relieve us of our contentment, yet we turn not away.

  • To become free of wonder and curiosity is to enter oneís grave while still living.

  • A thorough analysis of a situation can always provide enough reasons to do nothing.

  • How much better it would be if our hungers didnít arrive before the morsel.

  • Those, whose happiness stems from the miseries of others, are the unhappiest among us.

  • It may be that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", but it also tends to make the heart to wander.

  • Death can be looked at as a very long absence without the need for a haircut.

  • Life can be like a sharp knife in that one needs to be to be wise enough to grasp the end for grasping and avoid the end for cutting.

  • Being born poor has the advantage over those born to wealth, because of oneís being able to appreciate the wonders of life as they unfold with the gradual accumulation of wealth.

  • Few things so deplete our strength as grappling within oneís self.

  • Each life can be looked on as jazz without the music.

  • Without imagination, there are only ruts.

  • Some egos are so strong that some would choose to be kings in Hell instead of servants in Heaven.

  • The character of everyone should be: that if another knew us thoroughly, their initial impressions would be like their final impressions.

  • One of the greatest challenges to an intelligent person is how to be happy while surrounded by doubts imbedded in a void of certainties.

  • Life is the kind of experience where one acts first and learns the instructions last.

  • Some are so apprehensive of change that they would rather continue on their path of certain unhappiness than take a new path that provides the hope of happiness.


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