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  • The discontent of abundance and of deprivation are little different except the latter is discontent of not having what is needed and the former being discontent of not having more of what isn’t needed.

  • Our appreciation of our fortunes, tend to fade faster than the fortunes themselves, thus leaving most with a desire for more and more fortune.

  • Those that denigrate free competition undoubtedly imagine themselves wise enough to define the limits of that freedom.

  • One’s mettle is tested just as severely in times of abundance as in times of adversity.

  • It is unwise to regard wealth as an end in itself; wealth is only a means towards freedom, freedom that permits us to seek ends that have meaning.

  • We are branded “failure” more by our own acts than the acts of others; for we are never a failure until we choose to give up and accept failure.

  • There are those that believe that great fortunes are built merely by chance; this is like believing that a house comes into being by a the happy coincidence of building materials just falling together fortuitously.

  • Though our Constitution forbids our being sold into bondage, nothing prevents our doing this to ourselves by incurring great debt.

  • Those that denigrate advertising as a needless expense that should have gone to the consumer fail to realize that without advertising there would be hundreds of different auto manufacturers producing much higher priced cars. Advertising concentrates production into efficient methods of manufacturing. The same is true for virtually every industry. Advertising reduces the consumer’s costs.

  • Those that claim that something is either overvalued or undervalued, fail to recognize that value is established in the marketplace by the last sale of such an item. These people only declare what is inside of themselves, not what is in the marketplace.

  • That gain cannot be made without some other person's loss is an antiquated belief still held by many; if this were true, one would need to explain where are all those that lost as we became surrounded by wealth that the world increases by the minute. We can create wealth, not just filch it from others.

  • One should neither trust nor distrust those that have a financial interest in our choices; rather we should always verify the basis of all choices when money is concerned.

  • Saving is a hellish torment to the spendthrift.

  • When some acquire wealth, they also acquire the means of their own self-destruction.

  • Many, when they come by unexpected fortune, tend to live lavishly until it is depleted. This is like being given a pregnant cow, and instead of delivering its calf and eventually milking its mother for many years, deciding to butcher it immediately and then gorge.

  • Most Americans would rather have the appearance of wealth and be without it, then have the appearance of no wealth but have much of it.

  • Not caring about insider-trading is like getting on an airplane without caring if the pilots know where they are going.

  • The economy doesn’t work like a teeter-totter where because one goes up, another goes down. Sometimes the teeter-totter breaks and all come crashing to the ground, and at other times both catch hold of a giant balloon and everyone soars.


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