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  • When taking inventory of what we need, scrutiny will show that much of that inventory is the result of the mislabeling of desires that contain no needs.

  • Perhaps, thereís no fool like an old fool, but any that profess certainty of the future runs a close second.

  • It is as unwise to believe that aging will bring wisdom as it is to believe that next year will bring happiness. It all depends on what happens along the way.

  • Those that believe how wonderful it would have been for the New World to have remained undiscovered so that the Native Americans could have continued living as they had for centuries, usually have a naÔve romanticized belief about the happy-lives of those original inhabitants.

  • The brains of youth are so impressionable, that once a belief is acquired, intolerance to conflicting ideas is guaranteed.

  • Many seem to believe that their rights exist not in the Constitution but in their yearnings.

  • Those that believe that somehow a book is more enriching than a movie, are very much like those that believed that the radio was more enriching than television, and also probably at one time, that talking was more enriching than reading. More enriching than any of these may be the lost art of thinking.

  • Even if failure were the best teacher, this would be scant reason to seek it, as it is also by far the most expensive.

  • Those that believe that they can communicate with the dead probably believe that they can communicate with their teenagers too.

  • Equality in math is demonstrable, but in reality equality is a myth, as no two things are precisely equal if only because they must differ in time and/or space.

  • The "Road of Certainties" should narrow to imperceptibility as we age so that our curiosities as to mysteries of life can widen to fill us with awe.

  • Reality is unrelenting in its confrontation with us, while are beliefs merely whimper.

  • That "Youíre only as old as you feel" could be either bragging or complaining.


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Page 22 of  131

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