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  • Patriotism is a belief that generally benefits the many at the expense of the few.

  • If the common man should ever suddenly gain political office, he’d probably be shocked that the electorate would take what he says seriously only because of his office.

  • Warfare is an example of Darwinian evolution in reverse where the most able are sent to be killed while the least able stay home and reproduce.

  • Dr. Pavlov had bells for his dogs; and political parties have clichés for their followers.

  • If we continue to increase the power of the Federal government, we shouldn’t be surprised to discover its becoming more corrupt in proportion to that increase.

  • For any government to long endure, it must somehow convince their citizens that any attempt to alter the government by force will be futile.

  • When we get carried to extremes, we usually find that there is nothing to carry us back again.

  • No citizen should ever have any concern as to the religion or non-religion of another unless those beliefs start being imposed upon them, either directly or indirectly, by being camouflaged as laws.

  • Politicians only want what is fair,-which means your fair share to share with those that they call fair.

  • To be or not to be is a matter for the police in most states.

  • We will increasingly find that it is much easier to conquer than to govern.

  • When our citizens depend on Washington to solve their problems, they place themselves on a sacrificial alter.

  • When we make a major mistake, the most likely major mistake in the future will be in doing to an extreme the exact opposite of what was done before.

  • Unless the other side in a war loses all of its lives to warfare, the war isn’t over until all of their hope becomes lost.

  • It is no small wonder that a nation that penalizes the industrious with higher taxes, and rewards the willingly idle with the earnings of others, that that nation would tend to decline.

  • Beware of those that proclaim that they know what others deserve for what they do, for these are the whiners that lust to have the power of decreeing the value of everything for each of us.

  • Whenever there is progress, enemies will be created in very much the same way that a ship will create waves if it moves.

  • The history of the calamities that mankind has brought down on itself originated primarily from power that was held by those of moral and mental defect. For this reason alone, democracy is to be preferred since an electorate won’t long be deceived by such leaders.

  • Does anyone have an explanation as to why each time Congress simplifies our income tax regulations, that the regulation pages become more numerous?

  • Our country’s loss in Vietnam and Russia’s loss in Afghanistan also gave birth to the realization that any great military power can be defeated if its people refuse to cease their struggle. This will be an increasingly important consideration for our future.

  • There are many ingredients that become explosive when mixed; and few ingredients produce as widespread explosive force as when we mix religion with government.

  • Though nuclear weapons may never be used as weapons between nations, they will become the ultimate weapon for those individuals to use that want to hold a nation hostage to their demands.

  • Perhaps one of the reasons there are so many laws against prostitution is to protect men from their own weaknesses.

  • Maintaining freedom is like swimming against the current in that once one pauses, some freedom is lost.


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