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  • The greatest impediment to understanding and accepting evolution is the absolute impossibility of anyone’s comprehending the very large numbers that are involved.

  • Our beliefs are of things that might be verified with evidence. Our faiths are of those things that are unexpected to be verified with evidence.

  • One’s personal faith in God doesn’t require the agreement of anyone else anymore than another’s faith in God requires our agreement. One’s path to God is always a very narrow path, ill-suited for marching abreast.

  • The morals of the life that we lead should never be subject to the voting of others.

  • The belief that God created man out of earth is often revealed by much that we do to one another.

  • Those that believe that the Universe has always existed, and that God has only existed within that Universe, are often asked by the fundamentalists “But where did the Universe come from, it couldn’t always have existed as there has to have been a beginning?” Apparently the fundamentalists have no trouble believing that God always existed and had no beginning; and that God was in a Heaven that wasn’t in the Universe.

  • Mankind seems prone to swing back and forth from asking “Is God relevant?” to asking “Why didn’t God prevent this?”

  • Most individuals become members of a particular religion, or branch of a particular religion, because that was where they were reared, and not by much more reasoning than a geranium’s choosing to be in a certain pot.

  • It may be blessed to forgive, but it is godly to never have accused in the first place.

  • Perhaps the intuitive progress of science is God’s way of giving mankind the tools to understand the magnificence of His works as mankind’s knowledge expands beyond the primitive understandings of two-thousand years ago.

  • If we would revere God’s messengers instead of worshiping them, there would be much less world strife, and much more compliance with His messages.

  • Does anyone know why natural disasters are deemed “Acts of God”, and the gifts to mankind are regarded as the products of nature?


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Page 22 of  67

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