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  • Choosing to remain attached to those that are prone to inflict pain is like choosing to retain a cancer that can be successfully removed.

  • No one has ever fixed a leaky faucet with talk.

  • Major successes are usually attained by small achievements.

  • In life, we need to play the game with the cards that we are dealt, but the game is over once we decide to fold.

  • A path is only created by striding where others have not.

  • Anger is often a substitute for shame.

  • When jumping a chasm, timidity is death.

  • A sharp word will be felt much more intensely and longer than will the point of a needle.

  • If we wait to act until a time of no uncertainties, we wait only to wait.

  • If we ever plan to rest on our laurels for very long, we need to be sure that they are replenished regularly.

  • One can never sail far with one foot still on shore.

  • Aiding those in need accomplishes little social purpose unless there is aid that develops independence. In the absence of independence, dependency is certain.

  • The antidote for anotherís anger is calmness.

  • Some search to find those to be close to as if they were trying to find a clone of themselves.

  • When being proven wrong, stature is gained by showing appreciation for revealing the error; but, stature is lost if resentment is shown.

  • Awareness and knowledge are the pallbearers for ignorance.

  • Belittling another most belittles the belittler.

  • Brevity is virtuous.

  • One that gathers the glory to oneself also gathers the enmity of those that helped.

  • We often teach ourselves to fear, not to protect us from that which is dangerous, but to protect us from the realization that might be revealed to us as to what we arenít.

  • There is little doubt but what beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, but the majority of us tend to think that itís only in the eye of the critic.

  • It makes as much sense to criticize the contents of books, television, and movies, because they are distasteful to someone, as it would be for those that like the contents, to criticize the criticizer because they find his food, home, or clothing distasteful.

  • It is said that success comes to those that are willing to get up after each fall and go on each time, however success comes more quickly to those that determine what caused each fall and then eliminates them before going on.

  • The common belief that truth always prevails just might be true if oneís time horizon is sufficiently long; for shorter horizons, clearly lies and other non-truths prevail over the minds of mankind, a fact that any intelligent person should take into account before accepting anything purported to be true.

  • If one is in general agreement with most others on any course of action, then that person should take one step back and try to understand why they err.

  • Those that seek to control others should be aware that in the otherís failures, responsibility for the failures will be the controllerís.

  • It seems strange, but one doesnít need happiness in order to be happy, as the direct seeking of happiness is a very unhappy pursuit.

  • Lottery tickets are tiny bits of lifeís desperations.

  • To be absolutely consistent means that youíve become absolutely like a rock.

  • In child rearing, we have learned that it is more productive to reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior than to punish negative behavior and ignore positive behavior. Undoubtedly the same is true of adult rearing as well.

  • As long as there are those that fear others, there will be those that seek power. Power holds the promise of safety while actually increasing the danger from those that fear the power of others. That circle will continue until mankind can find a way of reducing and finally eliminating the fears of one another.

  • The most obvious mistake that some make, is when they believe that theyíve made no mistakes.

  • Those that hunger never criticize the cook.

  • To be whole or not to be whole, that is the real question for modern man.

  • What we say may be original and even unique; what we are is always original and unique no matter our efforts to conform.

  • The truth wears thin the more it is passed about.


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