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  • On those rare moments where desire and fear have become voids and you feel yourself a part of time and no longer just a bystander, on those moments enter yourself and discover your soul.

  • Between one’s prologue and one’s epilogue are many pages, most of them blank yet still too few.

  • I think, therefore I think, at least I think so.

  • All battles are battles of wills; however it is not always the one with the most will that is the victor, but the one with no will, will always be a loser.

  • We all perform on the stage of life, but we all perform without seconds.

  • It is curious how many things that we do willingly that would unpleasant if required.

  • Courage is fear deferred.

  • We, just like the hourglass, seldom accomplishes anything when horizontal.

  • The happier you are, the less you feel the need to buy; the more unhappy you are, the more you feel the need to buy.

  • It is wise to think of one’s self as only a brief bit of nothingness, but it is profoundly unwise to treat others as though they are also.

  • The newborn’s crying at birth starts a long process of mankind’s protesting against change.

  • Worse than trying and failing is the failing without the trying.

  • Perhaps reality is precisely perfect and we just haven’t discovered yet how it could be so.

  • Much of what we call ourselves is little more than the accumulation of the various ways that we’ve responded to fears, some so long ago we no longer recall what caused the fear; yet the response lingers on causing us to respond to anything that we associate even vaguely with its origins.

  • Why are we so desperate to find intelligent life in space when we have done so poorly finding it here on Earth, and have done an even poorer job of developing that which we have found?

  • We all live lives of solitary confinement, regardless of how many there are about us.

  • Every new concept and idea originated within a minority of one, only to be later opposed by the majority.

  • Desperate days never met a long-term plan.

  • Stupidity and ignorance explain negative behavior more often than the concept of evil.

  • In many matters we see more clearly with the heart than with the eye.

  • One has a serious problem with insecurity if resenting the praise given to another.

  • Concern for others bears an inverse relationship to population density.

  • Once becoming accustomed to failure, one seems to become attracted to it.

  • Most will cling to freedom only until the clinging provides the freedom to fail.

  • When answering as to our integrity, we are not given a multiple choice test.

  • The task before each of us is to not die before our body does.

  • Great intellect possesses no immunity from error. Small intellect possesses no immunity from correctness.

  • The "game of life" sometimes is like a card game that only involves shuffling.

  • Thank goodness for death, Were it nonexistent, we’d have the aged ten feet deep devouring all of the wealth created by the young.

  • With the effete, their snobbery is a far more powerful motivation than their aesthetics.

  • Romantic love is the glowing embers that persist when the flames of passion stop flickering.

  • It is good that we are not allowed to skip adolescence, for how else would we have gained the fleeting experience of knowing everything.

  • The mettle of another cannot be determined until put into the acid of adversity.


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Page 23 of  161

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