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  • Without ever having launched any, there are those that wait for their ship to come in.

  • Many spend all and more of what they earn and then wonder why they donít have economic freedom; others spend less that what they earn, achieve economic freedom, and can then buy whatever they choose.

  • The doers evolve into the haves and the not-doers evolve into the have-nots; it has always been so, and even government wonít change the outcome for very long without turning all into not-doers.

  • We are all familiar with the process of buying a foreign currency with our own when we travel to another country; we also buy money every time that we spend our time and effort for money and when we sell something of ours to another. Except for theft, money is bought and sold in every financial transaction.

  • In most cases the wealth of an individual is really the taskmaster and owner of the individual.

  • Seeking safety in investing is an understandable goal; however, during times of accelerating inflation, the conventional ways of seeking safety are usually the riskiest of all.

  • It is almost a maxim in investing, that the shorter oneís investment horizon, the greater the percentage of times that oneís investments need to be correct in order to succeed. Its corollary is that the longer oneís investment horizon, the less the percentage of times that oneís investments need to be correct, in order to succeed.

  • Few investors will apply the methods of successful investing because they are slow and difficult to learn compared to taking tips.

  • Investors very often improvise instead of investing.

  • Few expectations of the future are as certain as the developing scarcity of nonrenewable resources, and the much higher prices that will result. Prices, and therefore the profits of those companies possessing those resources, will be used to ration those resources to those willing and able to pay for them.

  • One of the hardest things to accept in investing is that there are probably thousands having the same thoughts that you are and therefore the price of an investment already reflects this. This is because most of us have been exposed to the same investing materials. The best way to escape this is to invest for a holding period of the rest of your life. There are very few that have this thought.

  • In knowing just a small amount about something, we need to remember that although that small amount is 100% of what we know, it is probably less than 1% of what is knowable.

  • Perhaps the best things in life are free if all of the non-free things are paid for first, like food, clothing, and shelter.

  • We often see that the wealthiest are the most frugal with what they could spend, while the most poor are extravagant with what they could spend. Perhaps this observation points to one of the chief causes of why some are wealthy and some are poor.

  • In a market economy, individuals are paid what the market dictates the worth of anything to be; those that find this repugnant apparently believe that individuals should be paid based on what politicians believe the worth of anything to be. The first reflects reality, the second idealistic foolishness.

  • Greed in the stock-market usually brings grief to its possessor; the fact that some profit enormously from greed, only proves that greed like plagues arenít perfect in their destruction.

  • When money talks, no translator is needed regardless of where you are.


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Page 23 of  33

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