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  • Calories absorbed minus calories expended is equivalent to weight gain or weight loss. Anything beyond this is either edema or a belief in magic.

  • One of our most frequent errors is in believing that we already know what we need.

  • It is said that time changes everything; but if we let time do its bidding without our input, few would welcome the change.

  • If you are ever in 100% agreement with any organization, don’t give up hope.

  • In believing that "beauty is only skin deep", one should also remember that ugliness is also. The deepest and most lasting beauty is never found in the skin but in one’s character.

  • Our beliefs are of things that might be verified with evidence.Our faiths are of those convictions that are unexpected to be verified with evidence.

  • In considering the fantasies that accumulate with years, many babies are born closer to the truth than they will be when old.

  • Those that believe in reincarnation have yet to show why we should be concerned about those that we can’t remember now and may never know in the future, especially since they may be only hypothetical.

  • The greatest obstacle to learning anything occurs when we believe that we already know.

  • By being aware that the future is unknowable, what person today can be certain of tomorrow’s needs?

  • One has to wonder why individuals continue to flock to large cities instead of the romanticized small town, if large cities are as bad as many complain about.

  • Marriage should be like two oak trees planted one inch apart; where both grow, remain individual, yet fuse into one to become stronger than either with each passing year.

  • The delusion of permanence of: our beliefs, our country, our monuments, our religions, and all that we hold dear, are mere apparitions without which many would choose to not toil tomorrow morning.

  • Though we might wish otherwise, each person is left to carry his own torch into his own personal darkness.


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Page 23 of  131

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