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  • Our freedoms can be sold on the installment plan, one law at a time.

  • In our zeal to protect ourselves from external threats, we will find it increasingly easy to become like those foreign influences that our founding fathers sought to exclude from our shores.

  • When we appease a terrorist in a minor way, we invite terrorism in a major way.

  • If the public only believed one-tenth of what is said about political opponents, it would be easy to see why no mother would want her child to become a politician.

  • Trust those that claim that they will turn right and then do so. Distrust those that claim that they will turn right and then turn left. The hypocrite can be found in all of lifeís stations trying to lead others to where they sought to avoid.

  • During warfare, a smokescreen is used to hide what is being done. During peacetime, words are used to do the same.

  • More and more America is tending to move from crisis to crisis. Crisis is the worst of all times to make long-term plans for where most of us want to go.

  • The proponents of censorship that oppose nudity because of its potential for sexual arousal should sponsor laws for putting clothing on pets and farm animals because of their potential for sexual arousal by those that practice bestiality.

  • One of the problems with science is that it advances more quickly than does political understanding or the political skills in using those advances.

  • If it werenít for the prevalence of neuroses, there would be little political fervor.

  • Regardless of oneís political leanings, it always seems like the idiots are always members of ďthat other partyĒ especially when they win.

  • The main reason politicians withhold unpleasant truths from the public isnít because they believe that the public canít handle the truth; but that they canít trust the public to re-elect the bearers of unpleasant truths.

  • If we as a nation have no idea as to where we want to go, how do we find out where to direct ourselves?

  • Nations are like individuals in one particular way. Nations, just like individuals, usually donít come to an end from external causes; rather the both tend to end by causes originating within.

  • No matter how resolute the enemies of America are, no matter how much those enemies believe that God is behind them, and no matter how much our efforts cost us, we will be judged by the future as to whether we turned away or faced our enemies.

  • Governmental policies are not illogical because the policies are popular; they are illogical because illogic is popular.

  • Those that believe that the contesting of our existence that started on 9-11-01, must necessarily end in our favor, since we believe ourselves to be of the light and our opponents to be of the darkness. We need only look at history to see that darkness has extinguished the light of other cultures before, and will for centuries afterwards.


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