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  • Those who believe that God has a book wherein our outcomes are determined should wonder what reason there would be to try and alter our futures in even the most minor way.

  • Perhaps we were given the ability to imagine our greatness because God only wanted a source of amusement.

  • When we momentarily think that we saw something that just couldn’t be, perhaps at that moment we detected some concrete evidence of God’s presence.

  • The belief in an afterlife may have as its simple origin, the attractive denial of the possible finality of death.

  • Atrocities will always come easily to those that believe that they are the only ones chosen by God to propagate the “true faith”.

  • In a sense, America has become the “Great Satin”, as the well recognized material success of a people that is not wedded to the thinking of the past, has acted as a powerful attraction to those peoples of fundamentalist religions. Many in these societies tend to believe that God rewards those that He favors and punishes those that He doesn’t. Thus the West has been unintentionally waging an undeclared war against fundamentalism all over the world, including to some extent, even within our own borders.

  • There are those that try to treat God as if He were an employee; in that if He doesn’t perform up to their expectations, He gets fired.

  • Much would be helped in understanding God’s Nature by assuming that He is not matter but spirit and energy only, such as is love. We aren’t required to understand how this might be, but we don’t really understand how God can be matter either.

  • To respond to others with gentle consideration is a reflection of God even in an atheist.

  • Perhaps God is so great that it is impossible for any to know more than a small part of Him. Perhaps these parts are the various religions that seem so different, but each a part of the same whole.

  • If we are to assume the maxim that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”; should we then infer that God is absolutely corrupt?

  • Many contend that there isn’t any logical reason for God to exist; but the same can be said of the Universe.


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Page 23 of  67

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