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  • Even the most backward of people have been found to occasionally go forward.

  • A jealous person may say that jealousy only indicates affection for another; however jealousy only expresses fear about one’s own worth to that individual.

  • An opponent is never more easily defeated than when angry. An opponent is never surer of victory then when we are angry.

  • The easiest way to take advantage of other’s ignorance is to arouse their fears so that the abuser can then sell them protection.

  • To some, scientific curiosity is like wondering how the astronomers discovered the names of the heavenly bodies.

  • Those that complain that “Life stinks” have had little exposure to death.

  • One dream that is worth several curtain calls is flying, especially flying in color.

  • We are accustomed to seeing that many consumer items come with an expiration date attached that indicates some deterioration over time. There is a class of items that have an expiration date, but were never on the products because they didn’t deteriorate over time. That class of items is garments, where the only deterioration is that of declining sales that can be annually rejuvenated by groups of designers declaring new styles that the consumer should wear.

  • Even if all men were not created equal, at least we are all ended equally.

  • Some of our dearest friends can be those that we’ve never seen, but have seen their words from hundreds of years past; plus they have the advantage of being undemanding and available for help whenever needed.

  • Some are so insecure that they will become upset if another just has thoughts that they don’t like.

  • Time doesn’t just march on, after a while it learns to sprint.

  • Those that oppose expenditure of our treasure on armaments because we already have well beyond any immediate need are inadvertently inviting a new arm’s race. Nothing so guarantees that others will not race as to know that they would be certain to lose badly should they try.


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Page 23 of  101

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