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  • One of the strangest things about people is that they spend so munch money for the things that money canít buy.

  • The willingness to die for a cause is only a proof of a personís sincerity.

  • Let the blunders of yesterday serve as tutors for today.

  • If you canít find a way to move forward, itís time to manufacture one.

  • If we believe that achievements speak for themselves, why do so many chose to be their ventriloquists.

  • One of the great tests of life is to adapt oneself to the tasks ahead without adapting oneís conscience to fit the task.

  • The greatest opportunity to improve the world lies just under our nose when our mouth gives encouragement to the next generation.

  • The integrity of an individual is revealed by the willingness to say something that could have produced a much more favorable impression by telling an untruth.

  • The time to ask "Where did I go wrong?" is when you find yourself thinking and behaving like those around you.

  • Often we find ourselves accepting an appealing lie while rejecting a discomforting truth.

  • By taking the law into oneís hands, places the law in its most precarious situation.

  • The world would be greatly benefited if we used our freedom of thought more and our freedom of speech less.

  • The disadvantaged can rise if we provide them a ladder, but they still must do the climbing.

  • If you are to successfully pursue happiness, you need to be sure that you move faster than it does.

  • Appealing to authority in a disagreement is a sign that the path of reason needed a detour.

  • We should only ask of others that they be honest and well-intended, not that they agree with us. From a combination of two that are like minded and that disagree, only good things will issue.

  • Heated arguments never have winners, only truces.

  • Our fantasies are like pajamas, comfortable in bed but unsuited for daily life.

  • When we stretch a truth, it can fill a lie.

  • Misery no longer is satisfied with merely loving company; today misery demands and creates more misery.

  • The singular pursuit of wealth most often leads to the wealthiest impoverishment.

  • More Americans would try to get to know themselves if there were any money in it.

  • In many situations, oneís silence speaks volumes and is more forceful than words.

  • Power is one of the most addictive drugs; the more that is taken, the more that is sought.

  • In a sense, we are all test-tube babies since each child is an experiment with unknown results.

  • Violence is very often the response of those that canít reason and for this reason alone, we should instruct reasoning as soon a possible to our young.

  • Ambition is like a forest fire; the more it consumes, the more it seems to want to consume until there is nothing more to consume.

  • No matter how many times that weíve tried something and failed, we have only discovered what we havenít done, not what we canít do.

  • Although the first and last steps may require no more energy, the first is usually the most difficult and the last the easiest.


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