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  • When anyone tells you that you are among a select group that is receiving an particular offer or certain information, you can be certain that the group for which your are being thought of as being in, is the gullible group.

  • In the stock-market, there is no such thing as a risk-free investment; those that look for this are revealing their naivety.

  • In the stock-market, as in war, there is no etiquette.

  • It is true that all that glitters isnít gold; but it is also true that most that is gold doesnít glitter.

  • Those that resent the profits of others forget that all of the wealth that mankind possesses is the result of something costing less then it is sold for or is transferred in any way.

  • The most important thing, for stock-market success, isnít about anything in the stock-market, but what is investorís tolerance to risk.

  • In searching for information regarding investments, it is easy to get too much information. An investor should remember that the more information that an investor acquires, the more opportunity there is to choose the misinformation that suits oneís own emotional purposes.

  • We should never feel that another is being cruel when they set about to force us to honor our commitments, for if the tables were reversed, we would require the same of them.

  • In the stock-market, credulity today is catastrophe tomorrow.

  • The biggest mistakes in investing occur in the absence of doubt and in the presence of certainty.

  • To become financially independent is the only worthy goal of accumulating wealth; anything beyond that independence, is either fear or ego.

  • Every investment involves the possibility of failure. Any time that one believes that an investment canít fail, itís because of emotional longings or superficial investigations.

  • There are some that seem to live for no other purpose than to prevent the waste of an annuity.

  • Many buy recommendations, coming from Wall Street, should be regarded as mere flirtations to attract the greed of investors.

  • The folly of one investment is often salvaged by the greater folly of another investor.

  • To accumulate great wealth, in almost all cases frugality is required. To retain great wealth, some degree of frugality is also needed, as even great fortunes can be frittered away by spendthrifts.

  • Some regard the stock-market as just another form of gambling; it is if what is meant is that in putting capital at risk that the outcome will be uncertain. However, the main difference is that in gambling, what one loses, another gains equally while in the stock-market, ownership is in a business where wealth is being created (hopefully) while all parties usually gain but not equally.

  • Without enthusiasm, for day to day living, all of the wealth in the world will leave each of us feeling impoverished.


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Page 24 of  33

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