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  • The concept of "habit of thought" is surely an oxymoron as habits come into being to eliminate the need for repetitive thinking.

  • There are those that think that beliefs will produce desirable results without action.There are those that think that action will produce desirable results without beliefs.Though each may occur, the most probable way is when actions are coupled with beliefs.

  • Few things are as destructive, in our pursuit of success, as trying to please everybody any of the time.

  • Children are the best evidence that it is more blessed to give than receive, as most children feel deprived by not having received even more.

  • Pain and grief can never really be shared by another, only witnessed with compassion.

  • The concept of security is an apparition created to sooth the insecure; and generally causes the insecure to act in ways that increases their insecurity.

  • The morals of the life that we lead should never be subject to the voting of others

  • There are many that devoted their lives to social causes that they believed they could not achieve, although that failure was uncertain at the time. They are heroes, like the "Unknown Soldier", that deserve to be anonymously honored in someway.

  • The fact that something seems to have always been believed, is not a reason to continue that belief one day longer, and may actually be the soundest reason to doubt that belief.

  • One’s pathway through life should never be chosen because of praise or criticism. The signposts for one’s personal pathway are only found within us.

  • Believing that we can control our lives is a delusion that ignores the enormous number of variables in life that can divert or destroy any plan. One can plan for control but never fully acquire it.

  • If we believe that there is any duty when we write, then it is the duty to stay out of the ruts created by others.

  • How different we would act if we assumed that each of us has a "Use by" expiration date on tomorrow.


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Page 24 of  131

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