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  • The freedom that democracy provides, gives each person the right to choose what kind of taskmaster they will have, be it economic, social, theological, ignorance, or the paternal twins named fear and desire. Some will not choose any and will remain free.

  • How could it be that politics would attract the best from among us, when the best among us recoil at any thought of governing others?

  • Freedoms in America are unlikely to be ended by revolution, but rather by the gradual erosion caused by legislatures that are trying to protect us from ourselves.

  • If distrust is to be rationally apportioned, it should be to the extent that power is vested in the few, not because of their ill intent, but because they are human.

  • As appalling as war is, there are those leaders that understand no language other than the language of force. They are willing to sign agreements but remain disinclined to fulfill them. There is no reason to sign an agreement with those that intend that the only compliance is by the other side; that is unless compliance is also backed by force.

  • The collective will of the public is often indistinguishable from a mob except for the publicís dispersion.

  • Government at every level has proved once and for all that spending other peopleís money isnít an acquired taste.

  • Those that refuse to vote refuse to acknowledge those that they elected.

  • Democracies will mutate towards dictatorships the less informed the public becomes through increased media control by those demanding more power.

  • The meaning of peace has come to mean only a respite from war for the purpose of rearming.

  • Politics is the finely developed art of pointing out the negatives of the other sideís propositions, as though negatives werenít part of every political proposition.

  • In rare cases, governments were established to protect the liberties of its citizens; but throughout history and into the present, most governments have protected the liberties of government at the cost of its citizens.

  • To most voters, voting is more an act of self-defense than an effort to improve anything.

  • If truth in advertising laws were enforced in political campaigns, most of the elected would be administering their offices behind the bars that never close.

  • It is no more the business of government to provide freedom to its citizens than it is the responsibility of a lion to provide forage to a gazelle.

  • Censors are the ones that donít want you to see what they may have just had the pleasure of seeing.

  • The most certain way to increase poverty is to have the government reward its citizens for not working.

  • Military strategists have often predicted short and decisive wars; but up until the twenty-first century, what they got were long and decisive wars; and now in this century, it seems like we will be having short and indecisive wars.


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