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  • Reality is independent of our beliefs or disbeliefs. Reality cannot be created by beliefs, although many politicians and theologians make a career of trying.

  • Those, that are unable to find religion in their daily lives, are unlikely to discover any more religion in a house of worship at any time.

  • Few things can be as unholy as a holy-cause being enforced by a majority.

  • Traditions tend to console us into believing that things arenít changing even as the rut grinds deeper.

  • Godís blessings can flow to each of us without our ever publicly declaring our faith, in much the same way that the flower need not declare to any, of its gift to the bees.

  • Life can be looked at as a loan that the Creditor can call in at any time.

  • If Adam had trouble just with Eveís apple, think of what troubles heíd have today.

  • Blaming science for what individuals do with science is like blaming religion for the violence that groups do in the name of religion.

  • Those that profess their beliefs in God usually believe that God will, after death, reward the righteous and punish those that arenít. If this belief is genuine, then why do these same people try to preempt Godís judgment in administering their own punishments? Do they believe that Godís judgments are faulty?

  • Self-righteousness is intolerance cloaked in religion.

  • Galileo might have been spared if he had only said that the Earth went around Godís home located within the Sun.

  • Religious fundamentalists seem to believe that the evidence of evolution is like a Las Vegas magic show. No matter how true something seems to be, they just know that it isnít.

  • Why care whether God exists or not? Our caring will not bring Him into existence, nor will our not caring take Him out of existence. Our caring produces nothing.

  • Everyone has a religion, but every religion doesnít have a god.

  • Virtually all that we know to be false was at one time believed by an authority.


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Page 24 of  67

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