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  • Some fear the dark because they believe they canít see far, but at night, we can see trillions of miles but in the light of day only 93,000,000 miles. Often within our own personal darkness, we can see better than when in the light.

  • One of the worldís most dangerous conditions is when a large mass of individuals possess the same certainties and are committed to cause all others to believe the same.

  • Those that expect little of life will probably not be disappointed.

  • There are those that like to boast of their dreams of the future; but those dreams may only exist for the purpose of boasting, not realization.

  • Solitude is like a blank artistís canvas, both waiting to be filled with whatever stirs the soul.

  • Many treat a doubt like an unsightly dust-ball to be swept under a carpet of dogmas.

  • The professed self-made individual apparently rejects the concept of motherhood.

  • Many talk while saying nothing.

  • One of the greatest contributions that Native Americans made to the Europeans was to become an external threat so that the Europeans would bind together instead of fighting amongst themselves.

  • Some people seem so obsessed with trying to make their life worth something, that you might assume that itís soon to be sold.

  • Two opposite economic groups seem unusually susceptible to drug abuse; the poor whose lives are barren of positive experiences, and the wealthy that have exhausted normal positive experiences and become desperate enough to use drugs in the hope of new positive experiences.

  • Those that resent youth because of their arrogance can find consolation in knowing that if their foolishness doesnít squash them that they will some day have to cope with the youth of their day.

  • Many win arguments but lose the truth.

  • It is only the boor that demands that others explain or justify their tastes.

  • Technology has always threatened some enough to oppose all technology if only for the silly reason that they can never be certain of all the effects that a new technology might bring. If this mentality had been in the majority throughout history, it is likely that we would still be huddled in caves.


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