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  • When you come to the end of the rope, go towards the other end. There is no such thing as a one-way rope.

  • Almost everyone considers themselves to be an artist when it comes to drawing conclusions.

  • When the weatherman is in error, he never hesitates to wear his raincoat if needed.

  • Few things so nurture our fears as postponing their confrontation.

  • Often saying the word "justice" is just a polite way of saying "revenge".

  • The most reliable way to have others make favorable comments about you is to never do so yourself.

  • To deprive hope fro others is a certain way to create desperate acts that will eventually threaten those that took their hope.

  • The tendency to constantly rely on others for affirmation is a sure sign that the child still rules within.

  • The acts of one are sometimes more important than the intentions of a whole nation.

  • If one wants to lead, he must first find a way to get his followers to stand, and then to stand for something.

  • Suicide can be looked at as the severest form of self-criticism.

  • Far more virtues are praised than adopted. The rest often remain orphans.

  • In order to receive the maximum amount of denunciation, either fail badly or succeed spectacularly.

  • To be taken seriously, one needs to be sure and incorporate the delusions of the masses.

  • It seems strange that most of our attention is directed toward matters that wonít even be remembered a year from now, or perhaps not even tomorrow, and ignore the matters that will govern our lives, such as why we have the particular thoughts that we do.

  • Each night when we sleep, the Earth sleeps next to us.

  • Playing dead when confronted by danger can become so habitual that the habit wins and life loses.

  • It is easier to think kindly of one that has angered us, if we can just picture that person as a child walking down a lane holding hands with mother and father.

  • Itís no wonder that people donít know how to use their minds better when they keep changing them all of the time.

  • Many more of us would be willing to seize the day if it came by home delivery during commercials.

  • When someone you care for, unintentionally does something that is hurtful, itís best to keep quiet about it unless you believe that the world is better off with two people hurting instead of just one.

  • Those that have never gained power over themselves should never be entrusted with power over others.

  • The traits of men and women are very different, a fact that is bemoaned by some of each gender; but, these differences are a potential strength since many of these traits fill voids in each other. Problems arise when one or the other seeks to claim some of the territory that is the strength of the other. It is helpful in arguments to be reminded that there is a great likelihood that both of you are incorrect.

  • A belief is not a living thing to which we own loyalty; rather it is in truth that we owe loyalty. If truth isnít in a belief, it should no longer be held as a belief.

  • Happiness is in a way, like sawdust in that it arrives only while trying to produce something else.

  • ďCanítĒ is one of those dirty little four letter words that we should replace with ďhavenítĒ.


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