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  • No one ever grew large potatoes by constantly digging them up to see how big they’re getting.

  • Much of what goes on in Wall Street can be looked at like a giant “sting operation”, where those that are attracted by their seductive enticements, instead of being taken to jail, get taken to the cleaners instead. Inflation is a tax, recognized by few, but imposed on all.

  • The ultimate liberty is to be economically independent where the government doesn’t fear its citizens, and where those that would be free don’t fear the opinions of others.

  • It is easy to hate money when it doesn’t respond to our beckoning. It is easy to love money when we can’t respond to our creditor’s beckoning.

  • It used to be that expenditures would rise to meet income; but now, expenditures aren’t satisfied until they vastly exceed income and perhaps, exceed even the possibility of future income.

  • If one is wise enough to take care of his money, the money will probably reciprocate.

  • The individual that basis success on luck, is already predisposed to failure.

  • Patience without diversification is a gamble at most; patience with diversification is gainful at least.

  • As long as the Federal government owns the franchise for printing money, it will never run out of money; however, the money may run out of worth.

  • It is popular to condemn property rights as being equal to the rights of people; but, property is owned by the people, and every society that has deprived its people of property rights has eventually ended up denying its people their other rights as well.

  • Great wealth often permits individuals a way to self-destruct in the most expensive ways.


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