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  • Much more dying and suffering have occurred from those acting on the certainty of some generally accepted ideal, than has ever occurred through criminal behavior.

  • Being comfortable with one’s own beliefs beckons us to not try to convince others.

  • It is self-deception to believe that knowledge is ever gained whenever ignorance is displaced by dogma.

  • Any belief appears refutable by a sufficient amount of irrationality.

  • The future belongs to those that continue to seek knowledge and understanding, not to those that believe they already have what the future may require.

  • Arrogance is a forest just waiting to be felled. Humility is a forest just starting to grow.

  • Knowing that one is loved by another shouldn't require affirming words; as words are empty and very often are used to manipulate.

  • Many believe that they understand things only because they have ceased thinking of them.

  • Truth is in no way dependent on the opinion of the many, or even the few; rather truth depends only on an accurate description of whatever is, even if 100% believe this to be false.

  • Words, whether written or spoken, are the bearers of all untruths; but the eternal truths that are expressed in words existed long before any words expressed them and will continue to exist after all words cease. Untruths did not exist before words.

  • One of America’s greatest strengths lies in its cultural diversity that prevents any one group from feeling entirely comfortable in their beliefs. Those differences constantly challenge us to recognize that our beliefs are far from universal.

  • It is said that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear; but the safest thing is to not believe anything we hear or see. Rather, accept all information as being just hypotheses to be held for the moment.

  • Reality is independent of our beliefs or disbeliefs. Reality cannot be created by beliefs, although many politicians and theologians make a career of attempting.


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Page 25 of  131

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