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  • Many laws only tell responsible citizens what to do when they would have done the same without the laws; while those that are irresponsible will ignore the laws if they can find a way of doing so without being punished. All that a people need do to lose major parts of their freedoms is to be complacent about the loss of minor freedoms that only benefited others.

  • The worldwide maximum use of atomic weapons is the only way for mankind to stop all wars.

  • Genetic engineering is evolution presented with directions.

  • Whether in politics, investing, religions, or personal dealings, beware of those that step forward to offer you their protection

  • Estate taxes could be regarded as a kind of income tax on the wages of sin.

  • Those that insist that Government should have the right to protect you from yourself, represent another group that lusts for power over you.

  • Expecting those with power to use restraint is like expecting a child with a mouth full of chocolate candy to spit it out.

  • When politics became the second profession, it took its lessons from the first.

  • In much of the world, the only moments of freedom that one ever has are immediately after birth.

  • The long struggle for women to gain rights that are equal to menís, tells more about the deficiencies of men than about those of women.

  • When anyone claims that something is pornographic, they are contending no more than their distaste for something and their wish to ban others from its exposure. This like someone that dislikes broccoli saying that it is pornographic and others should never eat it.

  • Wars will continue as long as we have reasons to doubt the intentions of others; and those doubts will exist as long as each nation gives reasons to cause others to doubt.

  • Foreign affairs by our government have nothing to do with marital infidelity, but we should wish that they were.

  • The Devil could probably be elected president if the majority of our people were unemployed and the Devil promised them employment at high wages in Hades.

  • Those that claim some sort of pride in their always voting a straight Democratic or Republican ticket, are about as smart as a rock that will always remain just a rock until crushed into gravel.

  • Some nations pursue a policy of talking loudly and carrying a small stick.

  • The loss of any freedom to any government is as irreversible as rain.

  • All social movements possess a kind of inertia that builds as the movement gains success. Often that inertia causes the movement to not only attain its goal, but to go to such an excess that a new social movement is founded to reverse that excess.

  • What clearer evidence can there be that Americans hate the idea that someone will make a profit out of dealing with them, then our many anti-prostitution laws. This is a case where if a woman performs sexually, no crime is committed until she starts trying to profit from doing so.

  • Nothing is so easily lost as are those things that we regard as birthrights that cannot be taken away, and therefore need not be protected.

  • It is curious that our government has passed laws that prohibit age discrimination for employment; yet that same government has seen fit to set minimum age requirements in its own higher offices.

  • There are cultural neuroses that divide mankind far more than does language.

  • War is always a great waste of the wealth and lives of a nation, but an even greater waste would be the foolish pursuit of peace at any price.


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Page 25 of  51

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