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  • Much of a culture’s religious beliefs would be hilarious in another culture.

  • There is only one that should have unlimited powers, and He already has it.

  • Theologies have been shaped so that even the most intellectually challenged can grasp it. This helps explain why intellectual understandings are so utterly futile.

  • How is it possible for a person to have a sense of God and not be humble? How can one have a sense of God yet feel superior or inferior to another? Humility doesn’t require subservience to others, only to God.

  • There are many that will always make more prayers than they’ll make efforts.

  • Homophobes have never explained why any semi-rational person would ever choose to be a homosexual with all of the attendant problems that this choice brings. If not the product of choice, then what is its cause if not genetic? Homophobes like to skirt this question because it brings forth the logical conclusion that perhaps God may have a reason for their being, that we, with our extremely limited understandings of His Purposes, could never understand.

  • Do those that claim to worship God more than their selfish aims, actually believe that God wants a “Holy War”?

  • Perhaps God is nothing more than the truth, not the words about truth, but the actual existence of whatever is and will always be, of which we have only discovered small fragments.

  • God’s existence within each of us, can no more be proven than can either the existence of happiness or sadness; but few would doubt that the person claiming either is in error.

  • If we’re never given more than we can bear, why is it that we die?

  • We should wonder how well God would have done, if in the first six days, He had to contend with critics.

  • One’s religious upbringing should never prevent anyone from doing that which they believe to be right.

  • It is a sad commentary, that individuals treat others today with as little respect as they do God.


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Page 25 of  67

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