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  • It may be that a man reaps that which was sown; but if one wants to reap more than was sown, then he needs to be sure to weed and water that which was sown.

  • Every person should strive to make sure that their dreams become memories.

  • We should not ever speak our opinions unless firmly believed. If not firmly believed, we should speak of them as only suppositions. Opinions are only suppositions plus conviction.

  • How can any act of ours not be considered our responsibility without assuming ourselves to be robots?

  • Peace will always be preferred to war, unless that longing for peace is likely to be so abused by others as to make an even greater war inevitable. It may be that the cost of our greatest peace is the occasional anguish of war, as few things of value ever come free of cost.

  • Most people find it easier to commit something to memory than to action.

  • If we would only show as much reverence for truth as we do for our desires, we would have fewer desires and many more truths.

  • Doubt doesn’t necessarily create inaction; but doubt certainly encourages different actions.

  • Encouraging children to ask questions is as productive to the future as planting seeds in the spring so as to have something to harvest in the autumn.

  • If we decrease the world’s death rate without decreasing its birthrate over an extended period, what kind of mathematics is required to not see the calamity waiting for all?

  • It is wise to be interested in all things, but foolish to pursue excellence in more than just a few.

  • The world needs more participants in the arena of life and fewer spectators.

  • Instead of meeting problems head-on, try sneaking up on them from behind.

  • One way that some destroy their future is by acting out in anger today.

  • Some go through life turning on enlightenment while others follow extinguishing. It is up to civilization to develop more of the former and less of the latter.

  • Those that are prone to point out their virtuous acts may have done those acts, not for their virtue, but for the acclaim of others.

  • The reason why we fail to enjoy, the repeating of something that was joyful before, is often because in the interlude we have exaggerated the prior joy so much that the present joy is pale by comparison to its memory.

  • I don’t know where they are, but somewhere there must be aerobics classes for tongues.

  • It is strange how quickly objectivity flees once a person develops a passion for an object.

  • The best thing about sailing with the winds of popular opinion is that it is easy; to sail against those same winds Isn’t easy and requires constant effort as well as skill.

  • Those that don’t take losses personally should plan on taking lots of losses.

  • Accept yourself for what you are, a building site with all the materials for building; we are never a finished product until we are finally finished.

  • The most difficult words to pronounce are: “It was my fault.” and “I was wrong.”

  • Acting and deliberating are inversely related to the number deliberating.

  • A request that is unasked is indistinguishable from a request that is declined. A request that is asked is very often distinguishable from a request that is unasked.

  • The problem isn’t that mankind can’t get the answers to the questions that it asks, but that it doesn’t know how to ask the questions that it needs answered.

  • In pursuing life’s most important goals, pursue them as if God ordained your success. Let your successes or failures determine if He really did.

  • The recipe for luck is: three parts focus, two parts determination, and one part perspiration. Mix thoroughly until done.


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