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  • If you only strive to be average, donít forget, the average person is dead.

  • It is surprising how many seem to appreciate the things that they canít have when they donít seem to appreciate the things that they already have.

  • It is much easier to want what another has than it is to want to do what is necessary to have another just like it.

  • In general we are fondest of what we make, that is until we make enemies

  • Some races are won by the runners that are willing to stick their necks out at the finish line.

  • One that plans good acts but doesnít do them is no better than the person that plans evil acts but doesnít do them.

  • As so often happens in aging, the whiter the hair becomes, the blacker becomes the soul.

  • The roots of our family trees are knowable to no one but are assumed to be known by many.

  • Ignorance breeds fears faster than do dangers.

  • Trying to understand someone by reading excerpts of that personís life is like trying to appreciate a poem with stanzas coming to us randomly.

  • Fear is a blessing when it moves us away from danger, but a curse in the more frequent cases where it moves us away from dangers that never were.

  • Few things cut as deeply as when an act of kindness is perceived as an attempt to humiliate.

  • We can never escape the forge that shapes our lives; our only choice is the right to choose the blacksmith that shapes us. In the absence of choosing, many will compete to forge what cannot be predicted.

  • Few things so relieve our fear of worthlessness as another that calls us friend.

  • We are always captives of the past, struggling in the present, to become free in the future.

  • Old age always bears the scars of lifeís defeats as well as its victories.

  • It is strange that one of the most difficult tasks for many is also one of the easiest for others. That task is to ask another for help.

  • Anythingís remaining a secret is inversely proportional to the number that knows it.

  • Great failures reveal the character of those that fail, but it is great successes that reveal the corruptibility of those that succeeded.

  • One may be old enough to know better, but still be young enough to do worse.

  • The "never-weres" tend to look down on the "has-beens" the way a rain-cloud looks down on a parade.

  • We are never unconfused, only oblivious of our confusion.

  • It is no wonder that the modern person finds that life is so empty and devoid of value when the height of their daily expectations is for a scrumptious meal and high approval from others.

  • Our judgment should act as a gatekeeper that never sleeps, permitting entrance only to those thoughts that were summoned by deliberate selection.

  • One of the most difficult things to accommodate, in dealing with life, is the profound ignorance residing within each of us.

  • It seems to be unfortunately true that the average person will follow anyone that is decisive, whether leading towards progress or calamity.

  • Those that expect to achieve their dreams while sleeping are really dreaming.

  • No matter how clever we are in imitating others, we would just become cheap imitations. It is better to develop oneís own individuality and therefore become a genuine original.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 26 of  161

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