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  • Our greatest wealth is not found in our possessions but in the satisfaction that we have with what we already possess.

  • Saving money without a willing wife is like sailing without hauling anchor.

  • The maw of greed can never be satisfied.

  • Counting oneís paper profits is like eating chicken while it is still flapping.

  • We should always take into account the very human tendency to believe that the future will be a repetition of what it has just been. This tendency is the incubator that hatches opportunities for investors that are willing to ignore public opinion.

  • A fool and his money will find an abundance of investments that are claimed to grow faster than the investments of the non-fools.

  • Although our Constitution prevents others from selling us into slavery, nothing in our Constitution prevents our selling ourselves into slavery through indebtedness.

  • When receiving unsolicited investment advice, remember that the older the fish are, the louder the fishmonger.

  • Patience will earn an investor more than will his brains.

  • The stock market is one place that you can take a bath without needing soap and water.

  • Believing that an investment is certain to bring a profit is like believing that a fish, still swimming in the sea, will soon be yours.

  • For some, having enough money would be impossible, even on their deathbeds.

  • Run from any investment where the sales-pitch seems to promise the future.

  • Investors should only concern themselves with what they can control or influence, and not be concerned about those things that beyond ones grasp.

  • It is not unusual to find those that are willing to spend their health in order to gain wealth and then to spend that wealth in a vain attempt to regain the health that was spent.

  • Even though we know that money is dead, we need to remember that it will still try and become your master. Successful investing requires more patience than brains and knowledge.

  • Money can buy many imitations of happiness; but, the genuine article canít be bought.

  • The average individual, that chooses to invest in futures and options, should study thoroughly what is the best investment to make, and then do the exact opposite. This would tend to negate the tendency of this kind of investor to suffer wipe-outs.

  • Rags to riches quickly, - riches to rags even quicker.

  • Capital and labor are like cojoined twins that cannot be separated and still live.


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Page 26 of  33

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