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  • Our words flow like a river until someone that is respected reaches in and takes a cupful and proclaims the contents praiseworthy. These are what we call quotations.

  • We are never paroled from the prisons of our minds; rather our escape occurs only from hack-sawing through the bars forged by myths, dogmas, and ignorance.

  • When we were young we had the belief that that we knew ourselves well; but when we matured we discovered that what we had then was little more, than a nodding acquaintanceship with ourselves.

  • Words can only prove other words. Only empirical evidence can prove reality.

  • Teenagers tend to go through a spell where they believe that they are the only reason for their parentís existence.

  • We should all hope that what we call progress today will be called the same by those of tomorrow.

  • To understand others, we need to not only walk a mile in their shoes, but also to walk the same mile.

  • When considering a purchase, believe 90% of what your eyes see and 10% of what your ears hear.

  • A myth is a belief that has grown too long in the tooth.

  • No matter how many half-truths we accumulate, they will never total a whole truth.

  • The concept of a "normal person" may have only been created for the purpose of belittling those that are significantly different.

  • The best thing to recommend the following of customs is that those that followed them before werenít killed by them.

  • Were we all insane, what would be the nature of those that we would call insane?

  • The destruction of a treasured theory by irrefutable facts is an example of creative-destruction at the abstract level.

  • In every nation, citizens have retained one right that the state cannot deprive. That right is the right to self-delusion.


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Page 26 of  131

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