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  • Beliefs in one’s religion and political parties tend to be regarded as superior only because they are ours, in very much the same way that we believe in one’s own hometown sports teams.

  • Censorship is founded on a principle, held by most little minds, that the minds of most others are incapable of handling some matters as well as the censors can.

  • Any nation that has come to fear new ideas is a nation entering decay.

  • The popularity of state lotteries clearly shows either how desperate so many of our citizens feel or how little understanding they have of mathematics, or perhaps both.

  • Our Constitution contains both far more and far less than most believe.

  • If one can be universally hated and remain unharmed, then that person can be found only in a true democracy.

  • The fact that we may find someone that could never be corrupted should he be no reason for him to be given unlimited power, for we can have no similar assurances about his successors who would unlikely relinquish any of that power.

  • Before any minority can go through the doorway of progress, they first have to believe that the door is open and will remain that way.

  • In no other profession than politics can a person succeed while knowing nothing of that profession except knowing enough to obtain advisors that do.

  • Tyrants will thrive as long as a people value individual lives more than the freedom of their neighbors.

  • The only time that we should want another hand to feed us is when we have none.

  • Although a perfect peace may be a worthy aim, its attainment is unlikely until mankind is perfectly extinct.

  • Property doesn’t have rights; it is humans that have rights, one of which is their right to the property that they legally obtained.

  • Instead of outlawing dueling, they should have limited the weapons to custard pies. That way, they’d get custard on their chests and grudges off. One washes off, and the other doesn’t.

  • Anyone that that can swallow what any political party says near election time obviously has a defective gag reflex.

  • Wanting to be loved by all and despised by none is like wanting the sun to shine on our fronts and backs all at once.

  • It may be that today we are hampered by those with bad intentions, but when we are finally done in, it will be by those expressing good intentions.


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Page 26 of  51

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