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  • Perhaps there is a difference between one’s political and religious affiliations, but the difference is miniscule emotionally. Most will become just as agitated by questioning the basis their political membership as their church membership.

  • How barren must be the soul that judges others only by their appearance.

  • If we were forced to choose between perpetual sexual rapture and the possibility of heaven, the former might just attract the majority.

  • Whatever the soul is, it is unlikely that it came from the earth below; and it is just as unlikely that when the body returns to the earth, that we will discover that that which did not come from the earth, will not return there.

  • That repetition is the best way to remember anything, is the reason religions urge the repeating of certain prayers. Is this done to benefit the memories of the prayerful or the memory of God?

  • We would all be poorer spiritually if we were required to show a logical basis for love.

  • Today, religion has been so relegated that it is no longer the opiate of the masses but its lullaby.

  • Moral idealism is something that should be hoarded for one’s private use and never imposed upon others.

  • Most of what we argue about has no demonstrable existence. We rarely argue about things that can be verified to exist. Wouldn’t it be strange if we heard an argument about the nature of yellow? Yet, many will argue and fight to the death over the nature of God.

  • Faith is like the shock-absorbers on a car. When the road of life gets potholes, faith will smooth out the jolts and permit the car to run longer.

  • I suspect that if God has a sense of humor, it is at its height when he hears someone predict the future of anything.


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