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  • There is no such thing as a ceremony to award honors. All they can do is to recognize the honor that has already existed. The honor was never the possession of those that say that they are awarding it to another; therefore they could not give what they never possessed.

  • A century ago, hucksters promoted snake-oil as a remedy for every disease. Today, hucksters promote the concept that material things can cure unhappiness with the exact same results as snake-oil a century ago. Those that are committed to the proposition that things can make a lasting happiness should be considered terminally unhappy.

  • Mohammad was supposed to have moved a mountain. Today, we have industries capable of the same thing, and could even make a mountain disappear if it were profitable to do so,

  • Black bigots act as though all black people should have the exact same beliefs and that belief should be the belief in black bigotry.

  • Superman was unharmed by bullets, but could he have withstood the scorn directed at every president?

  • Many wince at any cruelty shown to animals but act without concern when horrific acts occur to humans. Perhaps this is an unrecognized contempt for people and the humanization of animals.

  • The wisdom of the common-man, as visualized by Jefferson, may be passing into history as mass-media becomes an instrument to mold public opinion for the ends of only a few.

  • In a happy marriage, when two have the misfortune of losing one, what remains is a zero.

  • One of the advantages of aging is that you can enjoy a book for the third time as though it were the first time.

  • That history repeats itself is important to know, but it is also important to know that the repeating is often more like a chant that signifies nothing.

  • Isaac Newton was right in saying: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This principle is obvious in the formation of protest groups. For every important government action, there will be a group of protestors formed to reverse it.

  • Using ridicule is an attempt to rise by stepping on top of others.

  • A bore is anyone that hasn’t learned the language of chit-chat.


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Page 26 of  101

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