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  • We should be thankful that our tomorrows aren’t prejudiced against us for how we treated its ancestors.

  • Seeking revenge is like cutting down a great shade-tree because it put leaves in one’s yard last autumn.

  • Asking "Why?" kills the chat every time.

  • One accomplishes very little while sitting in the lap of luxury.

  • There is no such thing as a wasted short-cut when going in the wrong direction.

  • When using a rifle to hit a distant target, one must aim high, the same as in planning life’s goals.

  • Few things so guarantee a great injustice as the ignoring of small ones.

  • When in disagreement with those that you dislike, the worst thing you can do to them is to leave them with their ignorance.

  • It is inspiringly false to say that anyone can be anything that they dream, but it realistically true that without dreams, one will remain the same except older. In driving to a distant city, we need a piece of history as to how others have done the same; that history is called a road map. In reaching a distant goal in life, we need a piece of history as to how others have done the same; that history is called a biography.

  • If you want to stand out from others, always display 100% integrity in all that you say and do. At times this may seem counterproductive, but in the long-term this quality will be an asset that is so rare, that success is virtually guaranteed.

  • One needs to always be careful to tell the difference between a dream and an illusion.

  • If ever receiving what looks like an intended insult, try and focus on what would make another try to insult. Often there was no attempt but just a verbal blunder. In any case, one should assume the latter no matter how blatantly it may have seemed intended.

  • Small wishes can give rise to dreams which give rise to hopes which gives rise to plans which gives rise to acts which gives rise to accomplishments. Thus great accomplishments may grow from small wishes.

  • If we hope to retain clarity of thought, it will be necessary to maintain the health of our bodies as they are the sole bearers of our thoughts.

  • In the intellectual sense, few at the base of a mountain have ever tried to climb the mountain, and few that have ever climbed the mountain will ever return to its base.

  • Regret isn’t something that we should regret having, rather regrets should act as road signs that aid us in our journeys.

  • The most predictable factor in a couple’s remaining together is obvious; they both must want to travel in the same direction towards the same ends, and by the same means.

  • To be concerned with; what others wear, with what others do, with what others think, and to what others believe, is to remain perpetually adolescent until death either ends or disrupts the process.

  • Those that believe: “What will be will be.” are correct, and that is the best reason of all to be a part of deciding what will be.

  • It is wise to conserve oneself for those things that matter, and ignore those things that merely irritate and aggravate, otherwise those things that matter will matter less.

  • To possess great knowledge and to possess great wisdom, that isn’t used for some purpose other than to impress others, is like erecting a windmill in a land where there is no wind.

  • One of the great faults of acting and thinking with virtue is that it often blinds us to the ill-intentions of others, a blindness that often permits evil to triumph.

  • It is said, about life, that it is better to wear out than to rust out. But, it may still be better to stay and rust out, than to bug out.


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