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  • The most important thing to have knowledge of is one’s self; knowledge that goes beyond knowing what we desire and what we fear, and permits our knowing why we desire and why we fear.

  • The hearing of one’s voice must be so pleasing to some that they want to hear no other in their conversations.

  • Any genuine love that ever existed continues to exist even if overshadowed by opposite feelings. Love is not extinguishable only ignorable.

  • Each of us has a unique personality which culture tries to mold into a product that most fits cultural standards; and in the process tries to turn each of us into a fraud.

  • Every bell has its own voice. Those that just say what others say have none.

  • Feelings weren’t derived from reason, so no one should try to explain feelings with reason.

  • Those that will violate their consciences will readily violate another’s confidences.

  • No one looking at a silkworm would ever visualize a gown.

  • The person that aspires to be nothing in particular, is certain to succeed.

  • The world’s largest carnivore is the one that devours all of us. Its name is time.

  • There is ambition that causes one to be the best that one can be. There is ambition that causes one to merely rise above others. The difference makes all the difference.

  • There are those that are so egocentric as to think that the chicken laid the egg just for their benefit.

  • If Charles Darwin was correct about our bodies having evolved from the apes, then perhaps our emotions might have evolved from the hare.

  • We almost always have in our inventories the same faults that we discover in others.

  • It is totally irrational to expect rational behavior from those undergoing extreme deprivation of basic needs. None-the-less this is exactly what many assume will happen.

  • Hindsight is very different when you were a teenager than when you are sixty-five, presumably because of different testosterone levels.

  • One thing that liars don’t exaggerate is their degree of dishonesty.

  • If you watch your health, it tends to reciprocate.

  • Building character should never be considered a finished project but one that hungers for more building then at the beginning.

  • There are some, so much in distress, that they scream silently.

  • Because of our innate insecurities, we seek absolutes in a Universe where there are few if any; truths of the moment stream by, while we, dipping our hands into that stream, grasp what we need for the day.

  • Only time will tell if we are at this time evolving upward or downward, as there is ample evidence of either.

  • There is no antidote to the poison of fear except knowledge; yet knowledge is one of the most difficult things to acquire when in fear; therefore, knowledge is best introduced like a vaccine, in order to prevent fears.

  • One way to diminish the slavery of desire and fear is to establish a long-term plan and let it become one’s only guide. Soon one will find desires weakening and fears dulling until they fade into nothingness. Then one can truly say, “I don’t care what I want, and I don’t care what I fear.” Then one becomes really free for the first time.

  • The inebriation from success can cause as many misjudgments as alcohol.

  • When young we knew others by their words; when older we knew them by their acts; when old we knew them by their results.

  • The hypocrite often compounds his hypocrisy with pomposity.

  • Science is the perpetual effort to know and understand all, yet theologians most often reject science as though they fear that God will in fact be discovered and be understood, yet be unlike the God that they’ve created.

  • Youth is like the fruit of a tree, beautiful when ripe but doomed to soon spoil unless preserved artificially, yet never to be the same again as at its first ripening.


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