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  • There are many ways to gain wealth; but to become wealthy always involves a single principle- Less is spent than received.

  • In much of life, victory is awarded to the nimble while the loser is still deliberating.

  • Many believe that they understand the benefits of compounding, but few actually understand what compounding will do for an investor over very long periods. is like understanding what a shovel is without understanding what a shovel can do in a worker’s hands over the lifetime of the shovel.

  • Perhaps the biggest mistake that a novice investor makes is in assuming that there are those who know what the markets or individual stocks will do; and all that needs to be done is to find one of them that will provide that information.

  • The value of anything bears little relationship to its purchase price, and everything to what another will pay for it.

  • To go into business is easy; to stay in business difficult; to fail in business-easiest.

  • Wealth inevitably brings its own troubles, but these troubles are far preferable to the troubles of scarcity.

  • One of the luxuries of wealth is the delusion that one is master of his future.

  • Money can provide us with a greater opportunity to become happy, but not a guarantee that it will.

  • Generally, the fastest ways to lose money in the stock–market come to us disguised as the fastest ways to make money.

  • In today’s world, to discover a need, and then find a way to fulfill that need, isn’t nearly as likely to produce a profit as to produce a want and then offer a way to fulfill that want. Today, most don’t want what they need and most don’t need what they want.

  • All opportunities come with a “Use by” expiration date.

  • The difference between being impetuous and decisive lies primarily in their frequencies. An impetuous person makes frequent and fast decisions about small things; while a decisive person makes infrequent but quick decisions about major things. In the stock-market, impetuous individuals almost always fail while decisive investors generally succeed.


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Page 27 of  33

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