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  • How can anyone be regarded as a success in life while only achieving goals because society applauds? This is a case of societyís succeeding in enslaving for its own end. Personal success is found in what one achieves because of the love of doing, with or without applause.

  • Broad understanding is the tool needed to forge certainties into mere possibilities.

  • If we never had controversy that resulted in the changing of our beliefs; our beliefs would be little different from those of a child.

  • We should always follow the pathway to truth, even when it leads away from our most basic beliefs.

  • The beauty of a theory lies not in its craftsmanship but in its conformity to verifiable evidence.

  • Where prejudices reign, knowledge runs for shelter.

  • Truth comes to us dressed in its birthday-suit while untruths come to us disguised in any way that is needed in order gain our acceptance.

  • When we think that we have found a truth, we really have only found an assumption.

  • Those that keep many "sacred cows" better have need of lots of fertilizer.

  • If "second thoughts" on a subject are superior to the first thoughts, why not try for three?

  • Mankindís greatest obstacle to self-realization isnít in finding something worth living for, but in finding something worth dying for.

  • Much pessimistic thought is only a kind of "mental-hedging" to make sure that whatever happens, that there will still be some gain.

  • That which is impossible is not the same thing as that which will never be possible.

  • Only the greatest of fools thinks that his inventory of beliefs contains no falsehoods.

  • A friend of long ago and another place remains unchanged in our memory until our memory itself leaves for another place.

  • Virtually all that we know to be false was at one time believed by an authority.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 27 of  131

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