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  • Perhaps we look too deeply in trying to find the meaning of life. Perhaps the meaning of life is merely life itself, and nothing more. What would we answer to the question: ďWhat is the meaning of a dog?Ē

  • Fundamentalists seem to believe that God had a stenographer that recorded His every word to be published centuries later in the Bible.

  • If theologies keep the masses from monstrous harm to one another, then itís three cheers for theologies; but if reason could do the same, thereíd be no need for theologies and humanity would be more predictable in treating one another with kindness, respect, and consideration.

  • If woman bore the original sin, it is man that has preserved and multiplied it.

  • Those beliefs, not supported by any verifiable evidence, may warm oneís hearts while at the same time obstructing the pursuit of a better life for others. Though some of these beliefs have no negative consequences, those that may harm others pursuits should be relegated to personal application only and never be imposed upon others.

  • Miracles will never find their way to those that believe that they donít exist. Even if one should, the non-believer would invent some other explanation. This is because they hold their beliefs of what isnít as strongly as they hold beliefs in what is.

  • It is a modern day tragedy that we exist at a time of so much material abundance and spiritual impoverishment.

  • Some of the most fervent fundamentalists seem as though they regard the overt happiness of others as a measure of their sinful condition.

  • It probably is no coincidence that the Dark Ages descended on mankind as theology ascended to become the ultimate power over mankind. It also is probably no coincidence that ascending out of the Dark Ages happened as the dominating theology descended in its influence over mankind. Even today, where a single theology dictates mankindís behavior, remnants of the Dark Ages are discoverable. Fortunately, our multicultural society will never have to suffer the malignant influence of a single theology determining our affairs.

  • Believing in immortality is really a self-centered confession that we canít comprehend how the future can get along without our highly valued presence somewhere in the Universe.

  • For those that believe that God has a book wherein our future is already inscribed; it may be that it is our duty to sin.


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Page 27 of  67

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