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  • Although The Grand Canyon canít be crossed in one giant leap, it can be crossed by many small steps, if one is just willing go to any depth to do so.

  • If a deaf blind girl named Helen Keller can succeed and achieve more than most of us, what person can rationally explain their own failure because of skin color, religion, gender, or lack of attractiveness? Failure is much more a product of giving up than of what we are.

  • If we allow others to do our thinking, soon we will be doing their bidding.

  • If we had all waited to act so that there would have been no criticisms, all of us would still be in our cradles.

  • Those that cast blame or fault on others do harm to all including themselves.

  • There is no point of complaining about something that canít be remedied; but if it can be remedied, time would be better spent in remedying than complaining.

  • Justify nothing. Question everything. Believe in something.

  • All of the knowledge in the world is useless until put to some useful purpose. Knowledge, detached from action, is like a motor running just to be running.

  • Success is often the result of just staying awake and struggling while others go home to recuperate.

  • Our inclinations produce efforts. Our convictions produce enthusiasm.

  • It easier to defeat temptation at the door than after it gets inside.

  • Oneís future is secure when one is free enough to think of the happiness of others before thinking of their own.

  • Those that use authority to instruct others are like those that would stand on a plant while watering it.

  • There are events that cry out for decisiveness and if finding none decides for itself.

  • The role for each American should be to become as superior as possible to all, but to treat all as equals.

  • One of the most certain ways to lose a friend is to request a large loan. Few friendships will survive this whether the loan is made or not.

  • If you want someone to join your group, all you need do is persuade them to believe that by doing so, they will become superior to all others.

  • We know that when we speak positively about what others have done, and do so in their presence, that this tends to cause them to repeat the act; when we speak positively about what others have done, when the others are not present, we encourage those that are present to become better also.

  • There is no such thing as unrequited contempt.

  • Those that seek the approval of others need to first discover it in themselves.

  • We should each try to become the kind of person that we would want to share our remaining years.

  • There is a place of hidden beauty, hidden within each of the phases of each of our lives, that needs to be discovered in order to be enriching. To not discover these, during these phases, is to leave much of our lives as barren as if they were never lived.

  • If a woman is beautiful at eighteen, she can thank her parents; if she is beautiful at eighty, she can thank herself.

  • People are seldom more foolish than when they go to great lengths to not appear foolish to others.

  • Whether blessings outweigh our misfortunes or vice versa, depend, not on the quantity of either, but upon who is reading the scales.

  • Instead of our becoming strongly attached to the many things of life, it would help us to regard our possessions as only loans that eventually we will repay by their return; thus should they be lost, it is only a repayment that was earlier than expected.

  • Our lack of attention to a problem at hand is like removing a cake from the oven before it has completed its cooking. Both will produce disappointment.

  • The apple tree owes nothing to the bee that pollinated its blossoms and

  • enabled its fruit to set, because, just like people, both have benefited from the acts that helped others even when that was not the intention.


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