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  • Suffering is usually done in the specific while rejoicing is usually done in the general.

  • Few things are as effective in modifying behavior as a near calamity. One of these is worth a thousand cautions beforehand.

  • If you want someone to join your group, all you need do is persuade them to believe that by doing so, they will become superior to all others.

  • In a card game one must play the game with the cards that are dealt, but in life one can often modify the cards with determination. In a card game, determination means little; in life determination is critical.

  • Think what the world would be like if instead of talking about food and the weather that we preferred to talk about the meaning and purpose of life.

  • The smallest minds compensate for their deficiencies by having the greatest delusions.

  • Strength, it is said, is to be found in numbers. But, the greatest strength is to be found in that individual, willing to stand against the many, only because of personal beliefs. It is the weak that requires joining with others in order to gain the delusion of personal strength.

  • To keep us from conflict within our country, we need to pray that some great conflict against us is threatened by others.

  • In our drive through life, it is easy to let our consciences function like a nagging back-seat driver rather than the driver of our futures.

  • Since happiness can only exist within us, once basic needs are met, happiness will never be found by only changing that which is outside of us.

  • Talent without the opportunity to develop that talent is of no more use than opportunity without the talent to employ that opportunity.

  • It is too easy, when aging, to assume that acquisition of wisdom is proportional to acquisition of wrinkles.

  • The skill of a juggler is often determined by how may items he can juggle at one time. Likewise, the intellectual capacity of an individual can be estimated in how many conflicting ideas on a subject can be considered at one time.

  • Those that possess physical attractiveness possess a form of power; and like all power it tends to corrupt its possessor.

  • It is very unlikely that mankind evolved to become a spectator of life, but rather more likely evolved to be a participant in life.

  • What a great misfortune it is for children that their parents are not yet adults except in years.

  • Our fears and desires cleverly masquerade untruths as undeniable truths to be held as absolutes for living.

  • When we run down another, we are run down ourselves in the opinions of the listeners.

  • It is impossible to understand the cause of feeling loved, as it is not persuasive enough that another tells you so; it isn’t persuasive enough that another acts as though acts were done for you because of love; it isn’t persuasive enough that a document exists that declares that love for you exists, and it also isn’t persuasive enough that others declare that a particular person has love for you. Doubt will always remain and we will never understand why. But, for one that feels loved, even if another told that person he wasn’t loved and never was, that person wouldn’t believe it, and would just wonder why they were trying to protect by pushing him away.

  • Few things are as widely despised as is the happiness of another.

  • One of the easiest ways to take advantage of others is to persuade them that others are doing so, and that you know how to stop it.

  • Violence is more than inflicting physical harm; it is often the violence in our words that produces the longest lasting and deepest wounds of all.

  • Whatever one does, it will be criticized; whatever a person doesn’t do, the person will be criticized.

  • To move a large rock, don’t apply five pounds pressure every second for one minute but apply three-hundred pounds of pressure for one second. The same works well for moving life’s non-material obstacles too.

  • We all know that certain music will heighten certain feelings, but it is also true that certain music can create certain feelings, feelings that tend to create certain thoughts that flow from those feelings. Therefore, music can be useful in creating certain kinds of thoughts as well as desired feelings.

  • To discover if another is a true friend, just suggest a possible fault. If offended, the person is an acquaintance; if grateful, a true friend.

  • Whether a person is classified as a “have” or as a “have-not”, both seems to always be “want-mores”.

  • The successful person may have been successful because of a singular pursuit; the failing person may have failed because of too many pursuits; the wise person may also have become wise because of a few selected pursuits instead of too many.

  • Preaching to one that is depressed is like a cloudburst during a flood.

  • Those that refuse to compromise towards life become as brittle as an ice cycle and just as durable.

  • Each of us is the author of our history and not merely its leading character.

  • It is nearly impossible to recognize the irrationality of a pattern of living, when all about us, others are using the same pattern.

  • Many long-lasting relationships aren’t perfect unions but perfect truces.


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Page 28 of  161

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